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Submissions from 1982

Validity of students' evaluations of college teaching: A multitrait-multimethod analysis, Herb Marsh

Submissions from 1981

Interjudgmental reliability of reviews for the Journal of Educational Psychology, Herb Marsh and Samuel B. Ball

Submissions from 1980

Differences in cost, tenure ratio, and faculty flow as a result of changed mandatory retirement ages, Wayne N. Bottomley, Robert H. Linnell, and Herb Marsh

Students' evaluations of instruction: A longitudinal study of their stability, J. U. Overall and Herb Marsh

Validity of students' evaluations of teaching effectiveness: Cognitive and affective criteria, Herb Marsh and J. U. Overall

Submissions from 1979

Long-term stability of students' evaluations: A note on Feldman's "consistency and variability among college students in rating their teachers and courses", Herb Marsh and J. U. Overall

Midterm feedback from students: Its relationship to instructional improvement and students' cognitive and affective outcomes, J. U. Overall and Herb Marsh

Validity of student evaluations of instructional effectiveness: A comparison of faculty self-evaluations and evaluations by their students, Herb Marsh, J. U. Overall, and Steven P. Kesler

Submissions from 1978

Natural anchoring at the neutral point of category rating scales, Herb Marsh and Allen Parducci

Submissions from 1975

Validity and usefulness of student evaluations of instructional quality, Herb Marsh, Howard Fleiner, and Christopher S. Thomas

Submissions from 1970

Private collection of secondary sources, Ismail Albayrak

Submissions from 1969

Assimilation and contrast as range-frequency effects of anchors, Allen Parducci, Daniel S. Perrett, and Herb Marsh