Submissions from 2009


Antisocial behavior from a developmental psychopathology perspective, Paul Joseph Frick and E. Viding

The effectiveness of a caring protocol: An evaluation study, Paul Fulbrook

Influence of whole body vibration platform frequency on neuromuscular performance of community-dwelling older adults, Trentham P. Furness and Wayne E. Maschette

Prehabilitation' prior to CABG surgery improves physical functioning and depression, Gill Furze, Jo Dumville, Jeremy Miles, Karen Irvine, David Thompson, and Robert J. P. Lewin

Controlling balance decline across the menopause using a balance-strategy training program: A randomized, controlled trial, S. Fu, Nancy Low Choy, and Jennifer Nitz


Experiences of graduate registered nurses in aged care: A case study, Bridget Fussell, Frances McInerney, and Elizabeth Patterson

Game-based training for improving skill and physical fitness in team sport athletes, Tim Gabbett, David Jenkins, and Bruce Abernethy


Physiological and anthropometric characteristics of starters and non-starters in junior rugby league players, aged 13-17 years, Timothy James Gabbett

Physiological and anthropometric correlates of tackling ability in rugby league players, Timothy James Gabbett

Reactive agility of rugby league players, Timothy James Gabbett and Dean Benton

Physiological and anthropometric characteristics of junior elite and sub-elite rugby league players, with special reference to starters and non-starters, Timothy James Gabbett, Jason N. Kelly, Steve Ralph, and Damian Driscoll

Tackling technique, injury risk, and playing performance in high-performance collision sport athletes, Timothy James Gabbett and Peter Ryan

Sensory processing abilities of children who have sustained traumatic brain injuries, Jane Galvin, Elspeth Froude, and Christine Imms

A systematic review of the effectiveness of cutaneous warming systems to prevent hypothermia, Cristina M. Galvuo, Patricia B. Marck, Namie O. Sawada, and Alexander Michael Clark

Maternal mortality surveillance in an inland Chinese province, Yu Gao, Susan Verlie Kildea, Lesley Barclay, Min Hao, and Weiyue Zeng

The status of Australian nurse practitioners: The first national census, Anne Gardner, Phillip R. Della, Sandy Middleton, and Glenn Gardner

Pressure injury prevalence in a private health service: Risks and recommendations, Anne Gardner, Lynne Millar, Sandra Legg, Yvette Gomez, Tony McGillion, and Aidan Mulcahy

Political religion: The influence of ideological and identity orientation, Donald Keith Gates and Peter David Steane

The influence of economic rationalism upon policy development: Historical, income and social cohesion perspectives, Donald Keith Gates and Peter David Steane

Altruism - an alternative value in policy formation and decision making, Donald Gates and Peter Steane

Trajectories of affective states in adolescent hockey players: Turning point and motivational antecedents, Patrick Gaudreau, Catherine E. Amiot, and Robert J. Vallerand

Awareness and causal attributions of risk factors for heart disease among immigrant women living in Australia, Leila Gholizadeh, Yenna Salamonson, Linda Worrall-Carter, Michelle DiGiacomo, and Patricia M. Davidson

The enhancement of resilience via a wilderness therapy program: A preliminary investigation, Edward Gillespie and Sandra Allen-Craig

Motivational clusters and performance in a real-life setting, Nicolas Gillet, Robert J. Vallerand, and Elisabeth Rosnet

Using postgraduate students' evaluations of research experience to benchmark departments and faculties: Issues and challenges, Paul Ginns, Herbert Warren Marsh, Masud Behnia, Jaqueline H.S. Cheng, and L. Francesca Scalas

An investigation of nurses' and midwives' academic/clinical workplaces: A healing model to improve and sustain hope, optimism and resilience in professional practice, Nel Glass

Predictive validity of the medical specialty preference inventory, Kevin Glavin, George V. Richard, and Erik J. Porfeli

Strategic planning and accountability in Irish education, Jim Gleeson and Diarmaid O'Donnabhain

A randomized controlled trial of relapse prevention therapy for first-episode psychosis patients, John Gleeson, Sue Cotton, Mario Álvarez-Jiménez, Darryl Wade, Donna Gee, Kingsley Crisp, Tracey Pearce, Belinda Newman, Daniela Spiliotacopoulos, David J. Castle, and Patrick McGorry


Religion studies: From university to school, Peta Goldburg

The evaluation of principals: What and how do states and urban districts assess leadership?, Ellen B. Goldring, Xiu Cravens, Joseph Murphy, Andrew C. Porter, Stephen Elliott, and Becca Carson

Comment peut-on utiliser les etudes comparatives internationales pour doter les politiques educatives d'information fiables?, Harvey Goldstein

Handling attrition and non-response in longitudinal data, Harvey Goldstein

Multilevel models with multivariate mixed response types, Harvey Goldstein, James R. Carpenter, Michael G. Kenward, and Kate A. Levin

Multilevel multivariate modelling of childhood growth, numbers of growth measurements and adult characteristics, Harvey Goldstein and Daphne Kounali

Comment: Citation Statistics, Harvey Goldstein and David Spiegelhalter

Seeing both the forest and the trees: A process for tracking individual responses in focus group interviews, Valerie Ann Goodwin and Brenda Happell

Use of the GMFCS in infants with CP: The need for reclassification at age 2 years or older, Jan Willem Gorter, Marjolijn Ketelaar, Peter Rosenbaum, Paul J.M. Helders, and Robert Palisano


Almost 30 years of writing research: Making sense of it all with The Wrath of Khan, Steve Graham and Karen Harris

Exploring students' perceptions of peer assessment in group work for allocation of individual marks in higher education, Jan Grajczonek


Integrating children's literature into the classroom religion program, Jan Grajczonek and Maurice Ryan

My brilliant career: Becoming a religion teacher in a Catholic primary school, Jan Grajczonek and Maurice Ryan

Cost-effectiveness of an intervention to reduce emergency re-admissions to hospital among older patients, Nicholas Graves, Mary Courtney, Helen Edwards, Anne Chang, Anthony Parker, and Kathleen Finlayson


Influence of drop-landing exercises on bone geometry and biomechanical properties in prepubertal girls: A randomized controlled study, David A. Greene, Peter N. Wiebe, and Geraldine A. Naughton


The quietus of political interest, Paul John Griffiths

The association between degenerative hip joint pathology and size of the gluteus maximus and tensor fascia lata muscles, Alison Grimaldi, Carolyn Richardson, Gail Durbridge, William Donnelly, Ross Darnell, and Julie Anne Hides

The association between degenerative hip joint pathology and size of the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus and piriformis muscles, Alison Grimaldi, Carolyn Richardson, Warren Robert Stanton, Gail Durbridge, William Donnelly, and Julie Anne Hides

In praise of sneaky poo: A case, four whites, and a missing narrative, Jo Grimwade

Punctuating a neck: Adoption, chroming and crisis in the life of a family, Jo Grimwade

IC reporting in the Australian Red Cross blood service, James Guthrie, Peter David Steane, and Frederica Farneti

Self-efficacy and planning predict dietary behaviors in Costa Rican and South Korean women: Two moderated mediation analyses, Benicio Gutierrez-Dona, Sonia Lippke, Britta Renner, Sunkyo Kwon, and Karl Ralf Schwarzer


The Clasp of the Catena; The Circle and Diameter, or, How to Make Our Eschatology Clear, William Christian Hackett

The laity in historical context, Peter Hai

Conversing with others: Interreligious dialogue in Catholic health and aged care, Gerard Hall

Asian Australian acculturation and attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help, Permata Dewi Hamid, Janette Graetz Simmonds, and Terence Victor Bowles

Stability and decline in gross motor function among children and youth with cerebral palsy aged 2 to 21 years, Steven E. Hanna, Peter L. Rosenbaum, Doreen J. Bartlett, Robert Palisano, Stephen D. Walter, Lisa Avery, and Dianne J. Russell


Human rights abuse in aspects of child protection practice?, Patricia Hansen and Frank Ainsworth

Report of the Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services in New South Wales (The Wood Report): A review and commentary, Patricia Hansen and Frank Ainsworth

The 'best interests of the child' thesis: Some thoughts from Australia, Patricia Ann Hansen and Frank Ainsworth

Parent participation in schools: Evaluating an innovative organisational model, Paul Hansen and Judith Mulholland

Professional biography and storylines as tools for understanding vulnerability in early career male primary teachers, Paul Hansen and Judith Mulholland

At the limits of religion without religion: A problem that cannot be resolved, Jeffrey Hanson

Michel Henry and Soren Kierkegaard on paradox and the phenomenality of Christ, Jeffrey Hanson

Michel Henry's critique of the limits of intuition, Jeffrey Hanson


The role of coupling in biological experimental reports, Jing Hao and Sally Humphrey

Swimming against the malestream: Men choosing nursing as a career, Thomas Harding

Patient anxiety levels after heart transplantation: A single-centre Australian pilot study, Michelle Harkess, Susan Kay Gallagher, and Elaine Boxer

Self-Regulated Strategy Development in Writing: Premises, Evolution and the Future, Karen Harris and Steve Graham


Maximising the moment from preschool to school: The place of multiliteracies and ICT in the transition to school, Catherine Anne Harrison, Libby Lee, Maureen O'Rourke, and Nicola Yelland

Contemplation: Beyond and beneath, Kevin Hart

Of love and how, Kevin Hart

Quest for a global morality, Kantian diversion, Kevin Hart

Load, stress, and recovery in adolescent rugby union players during a competitive season, Timothy B. Hartwig, Geraldine Naughton, and John Searl

Comparing health locus of control in patients with" "spasmodic dysphonia, functional dysphonia and nonlaryngeal dystonia, Karen Haselden, Theresa Powell, Mike Drinnan, and Paul Nicholas Carding

Event-related potentials for interaural time differences and spectral cues, Michael Hautus, Blake W. Johnson, and Lincoln Colling

Knowledge theories can inform evaluation practice: What can a complexity lens add?, Penelope Hawe, Lyndal Bond, and Helen Margaret Butler

Molecular responses to strength and endurance training: Are they incompatible?, John Alan Hawley

Exercise intensity and insulin sensitivity: How low can you go?, John Alan Hawley and M. J. Gibala

Exercise: It's the real thing!, John Alan Hawley and J O. Holloszy

Promises of peace and passion: Enthusing the readers of self-help, Becca Hazleden

The longitudinal links between shame and increasing hostility during adolescence, Patrick Heaven, Joseph Ciarrochi, and Peter Leeson

Personality development at school: Assessing a reciprocal influence model of teachers' evaluations and students' personality, Patrick Heaven, Peter Leeson, and Joseph Ciarrochi


The impact of school suspensions: A student wellbeing issue, Sheryl Ann Hemphill and John Hargreaves

Modifiable determinants of youth violence in Australia and the United States: A longitudinal study, Sheryl Ann Hemphill, Rachel Smith, John W. Toumbourou, Todd I. Herrenkohl, Richard F. Catalano, Barbara J. McMorris, and Helena Romaniuk

Rethinking the notion of culture in the national history curriculum, Deborah Henderson

Emotion dysregulation and schizotypy, Julie D. Henry, Melissa J. Green, Corinne Restuccia, Amber de Lucia, Peter Gregory Rendell, Skye McDonald, and Jessica R. Grisham

Social-cognitive difficulties in former users of methamphetamine, Julie D. Henry, Magdalena Mazur, and Peter Gregory Rendell


Evidence for deficits in facial affect recognition and theory of mind in multiple sclerosis, Julie D. Henry, Louise H. Phillips, William W. Beatty, Skye McDonald, Wendy A. Longley, Amy Joscelyne, and Peter Rendell

Emotion experience, expression, and regulation in alzheimer's disease, Julie D. Henry, Peter Gregory Rendell, Amanda Christine Scicluna, Michelle Louise Jackson, and Louise H. Phillips

Longitudinal examination of physical and relational aggression as precursors to later problem behaviors in adolescents, Todd I. Herrenkohl, Richard F. Catalano, Sheryl Ann Hemphill, and John W. Toumbourou

Altered response of the anterolateral abdominal muscles to stimulated weight-bearing in subjects with low back pain, Julie Hides, Daniel Belavy, Lana Cassar, Michelle Willia, Stephen Wilson, and Carolyn A. Richardson

The reliability and validity of the alcohol, smoking and substance involvement screening test (assist), L. Hides, Sue Cotton, G. Berger, John Gleeson, C. O'Donnell, T. Proffitt, Patrick McGorry, and Dan Lubman

Effects of wearing compression garments on physiological and performance measures in a simulated game-specific circuit for netball, Trevor Robert Higgins, Geraldine Naughton, and Darren Burgess

Comparison of fluid balance between competitive swimmers and less active adolescents, Dean Glen Higham, Geraldine Naughton, Lauren A. Burt, and Xiaocai Shi

Orphans at the beach: Revisiting Michael Noonan's the December boys, Margot Hillel

Where is the mother in all this? Representations of mothers and mothering in popular Australian and South African books for young adults, Margot Hillel and Thomas van der Walt


Implementing clinical guidelines for acute stroke management: Do nurses have a lead role?, Kelvin Hill, Sandy Middleton, Elizabeth O'Brien, and Erin Lalor

Athlete engagement in elite sport: An exploratory investigation of antecedents and consequences, Ken Hodge, Christopher Sean Lonsdale, and Susan A. Jackson


On faith: Relation to an infinite passing, Robyn Horner

Women's decision making about risk-reducing strategies in the context of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer: A systematic review, A. Howard, Lynda G. Balneaves, and Joan Lorraine Bottorff