Submissions from 2008


Blood pressure and heart rate during continuous experimental sleep fragmentation in health adults, Melinda Carrington and John Trinder

Ascertaining late-life depressive symptoms in Europe: An evaluation of the survey version of the EURO-D scale in 10 nations. The SHARE project, Erico Castro-Costa, Michael Dewey, Robert Stewart, Sube Banerjee, Felicia Huppert, Carlos Mendonca-Lima, Christophe Bula, Friedel Reisches, Johannes Wancata, Karen Ritchie, Magda Tsolaki, Raimundo Mateos, and Martin Prince


The effects on cardiovascular autonomic control of repetitive arousal from sleep, Jaree Chaicharn, Melinda Jane Carrington, John Trinder, and Michael Khoo


The effects on cardiovascular autonomic control of repetitive arousal from sleep, Jaree Chaicharn, Melinda Carrington, John Trinder, and Michael Khoo

An evaluation of SARS and droplet infection control practices in acute and rehabilitation hospitals in Hong Kong, Janita Chau, David Thompson, S. Twinn, Diana Lee, Violeta Lopez, and L. S. Y. Ho

Susceptibility to smoking among white and Chinese nonsmoking adolescents in Canada, Wei-Ying Chen, Joan Lorraine Bottorff, Jerry Johnson, Elizabeth M. Saewyc, and Bruno D. Zumbo


Competition law perspectives on the water services industry in Malaysia, May Fong Cheong and Yong Chiu Mei

Learned social hopelessness: The role of explanatory style in predicting social support during adolescence, Joseph Ciarrochi and Patrick Charles Lionel Heaven

The link between emotion identification skills and socio-emotional functioning in early adolescence: A 1-year longitudinal study, Joseph Ciarrochi, Patrick Charles Lionel Heaven, and Sunila Supavadeeprasit


The potential of nursing to reduce the burden of heart failure in rural Canada: What strategies should nurses prioritize?, Alexander Michael Clark, N. O. Freydberg, S. L. Heath, L. Savard, Marla McDonald, and L. Strain

Complex critical realism: Tenets and application in nursing research, Alexander Michael Clark, Sue L. Lissel, and Carol Davis

The complex nature of informal care in home-based heart failure management, Alexander Michael Clark, Machar Reid, Caroline E. Morrison, Simon Capewell, David L. Murdoch, and John J. McMurray


Mathematische Kompetenzen von Vorschulkindern: Ergebnisse eines Ländervergleichs zwischen Australien und Deutschland, Barbara Clarke, Doug M. Clarke, Meike Grüßing, and Andrea Peter-Koop


Hamstring injuries: Risk assessment and injury prevention, Ross Allan Clark

A comparison of force curve profiles between the bench press and ballistic bench throws, Ross Allan Clark, Adam Bryant, and Brendan Humphries

An examination of strength and concentric work ratios during variable range of motion training, Ross Allan Clark, Adam L. Bryant, and Brendan Humphries


Imago dei, paramam samyam: Hindu light on a traditional christian theme, Francis Xavier Clooney


The future of the Harvard Theological Review in a global and interreligious age, Francis Xavier Clooney


A home for medically complex children: The role of hospital programs, Eyal Cohen, Jeremy Friedman, David Nicholas, Sherri Adams, and Peter Rosenbaum


Electromyography of the trunk and abdominal muscles in golfers with and without low back pain, M. H. Cole and P. N. Grimshaw


Electromyography of the trunk and abdominal muscles in golfers with and without low back pain [accepted manuscript], M. H. Cole and P. N. Grimshaw


Trunk muscle onset and cessation in golfers with and without low back pain, M. H. Cole and P. N. Grimshaw


Trunk muscle onset and cessation in golfers with and without low back pain [accepted manuscript], M. H. Cole and P. N. Grimshaw


Beyond transmissional pedagogies in Christian education:one school's recasting of values education, John Collier and Martin Dowson


Characterising cortical density in the mid-tibia : Intra-individual variation in adolescent girls and boys, David Cooper, Yasmin Ahamed, Heather Macdonald, and Heather McKay


Characterising cortical density in the mid-tibia : Intra-individual variation in adolescent girls and boys, David Cooper, Yasmin Ahamed, Heather Macdonald, and Heather McKay

Characterising cortical density in the mid-tibia: Intra-individual variation in adolescent girls and boys, David M.L. Cooper, Yasmin Ahamed, Heather M. Macdonald, and Heather Anne McKay

Neuromuscular and endocrine responses of elite players during an Australian rules football season, Stuart John Cormack, Robert U. Newton, Michael R. McGuigan, and Prue Cormie

Causal modeling of self-concept, job satisfaction, and retention of nurses, Leanne S. Cowin, Maree Johnson, Rhonda Gai Craven, and Herbert Warren Marsh

The effect of the "rod-and-frame" illusion on grip planning in a sequential object manipulation task, Celine Craje, John Van Der Kamp, and Bert Steenbergen

Conditions for effective disclosure in the regulation of franchising, Elizabeth Crawford-Spencer


Reconceiving the regulation of the franchise sector, Elizabeth Crawford-Spencer

A time-motion analysis of international women's water polo match play, Shaun D'Auria and Timothy James Gabbett

Heart failure nursing in Australia: Challenges, strengths, and opportunities, Patricia M. Davidson, Andrea Driscoll, Robyn Clark, Phillip J. Newton, and Simon Stewart

Anthropometric measurements of the scapula, humerus, radius and ulna in Labrador dogs with and without elbow dysplasia, Patricia T. Davidson, Joanne Elizabeth Bullock-Saxton, and A. Lisle

Hedonia, eudaimonia, and well-being: An introduction, Edward L. Deci and Richard Michael Ryan

Exercise-induced phospho-proteins in skeletal muscle, A. S. Deshmukh, John Alan Hawley, and J. R. Zierath


Syringe disposal bins : The outcomes of a free trial for city traders in an inner-city municipality Australia, Madonna Devaney and Lynda Berends

Syringe disposal bins: The outcomes of a free trial for city traders in an inner-city municipality Australia, Madonna Devaney and Lynda Beverley Berends

Patients' experiences of disruptions associated with post-stroke dysarthria, Sylvia Dickson, Rosaline S. Barbour, Marian Brady, Alexander Michael Clark, and Gillian Paton

Countering workplace bullying: The role of perceived organisational support, Nikola Djurkovic, Darcy James McCormack, and Gian Casimir

Aggression after paediatric traumatic brain injury: A theoretical approach, Julian J. Dooley, Vicki Anderson, Sheryl Ann Hemphill, and Jeneva Ohan


Use of multitrait-multimethod modelling to validate actual and preferred forms of the What Is Happening In this Class? (WIHIC) questionnaire, Jeffrey Paul Dorman


Psychosocial environment and affective outcomes in technology-rich classrooms: Testing a causal model, Jeffrey P. Dorman and Barry J. Fraser

Ethical dilemmas of a large national multi-centre study in Australia: Time for some consistency, Andrea Driscoll, Judy Currey, Linda Worrall-Carter, and Simon Stewart

Reading with vocabulary intervention: Evaluation of an instruction for children with poor response to reading intervention, Fiona J. Duff, Elizabeth Fieldsend, Claudine Bowyer-Crane, Charles Hulme, Glynnis Smith, Simon Gibbs, and Margaret J. Snowling

Building a major transport infrastructure in Hong Kong in the historical context of the 1997 retrocession, Yvon Dufour and Peter David Steane


Eucharist and ecology: Keeping memorial of creation, Denis Edwards


Kierkegaard and the limits of reason: Can there be a responsible fideism?, Charles Stephen Evans

Skill and physiological demands of open and closed training drills in Australian Football, Damian Farrow, David B. Pyne, and Timothy James Gabbett

The Work Tasks Motivation Scale for Teachers (WTMST), Claude Fernet, Caroline Senecal, Frederic Guay, Herbert Warren Marsh, and Martin Dowson


Adjusting for measurement error in the value added model: evidence from Portugal, Maria Eugenia Ferrao and Harvey Goldstein

The energy of the city: Marshall Berman and New Year's Eve in Sydney, Hannah Elise Forsyth

A systematic review of repetitive functional task practice with modelling of resource use, costs and effectiveness, Beverley French, Michael John Leathley, Christopher J. Sutton, Joanna J. McAdam, Lois H. Thomas, A. Forster, Peter J. Langhorne, Christopher I.M. Price, Annette Walker, and Caroline Watkins

The importance of callous-unemotional traits for developmental models of aggressive and antisocial behavior, Paul Joseph Frick and Stuart F. White

Incidence of injury in junior rugby league players over four competitive seasons, Timothy James Gabbett

Performance changes following training in junior rugby league players, Timothy James Gabbett, James Johns, and Matt Riemann

A comparison of fitness and skill among playing positions in sub-elite rugby league players, Timothy James Gabbett, Jason N. Kelly, and Troy Pezet

Speed, change of direction speed, and reactive agility of rugby league players, Timothy James Gabbett, Jason N. Kelly, and Jeremy M. Sheppard

Applied physiology of rugby league, Timothy James Gabbett, Trish King, and David G. Jenkins

Ambiguities of justice in a global marketplace: How are ethical and theological considerations relevant to policymakers?, Donald Keith Gates and Peter David Steane

A theological response to a conflict of values involving poverty, dominance and inequalities, Donald Keith Gates and Peter David Steane

Practical and theological implications for values and accountability in policy making, Donald Keith Gates and Peter David Steane

Developpement d'une echelle de satisfaction des besoins fondamentaux en contexte sportif, Nicolas Gillet, Elisabeth Rosnet, and Robert J. Vallerand

Training reading and phoneme awareness skills in children with down syndrome, Kristina Goetz, Charles Hulme, Sophie Brigstocke, Julia M. Carroll, Louise Nasir, and Margaret J. Snowling


From syllabus development to classroom practice in study of Religion, Peta Goldburg


Teaching Religion in Australian schools, Peta Goldburg

Evidence and education policy - some reflections and allegations, Harvey Goldstein

Review of 'Monitoring Educational Achievement', Harvey Goldstein

School league tables: what can they really tell us?, Harvey Goldstein

Modelling measurement errors and category misclassifications in multilevel models, Harvey Goldstein, Daphne Kounali, and Anthony Robinson


E-C coupling and contractile characteristics of mechanically skinned single fibres from young rats during rapid growth and maturation, C. A. Goodman, R. Blazev, Justin Kemp, and G. M. M. Stephenson

Psychiatric nurses' attitudes toward consumer and carer participation in care: Part 2-barriers to participation., Valerie Ann Goodwin and Brenda Happell

Research on writing development, practice, instruction, and assessment: introduction to a special issue of reading and writing, Steve Graham

In Memory of Michael Pressley: A Role Model for 21st-Century Educational Psychologists, Steve Graham and Karen Harris

How do primary grade teachers teach handwriting? A National Survey, Steve Graham, Karen Harris, Linda H. Mason, and Barbara Fink-Chorzempa

Teaching spelling in the primary grades: A national survey of instructional practices and adaptations, Steve Graham, Paul Morphy, Karen Harris, and Barbara Fink-Chorzempa

Adult age differences in event-based prospective memory: A meta-analysis on the role of focal versus nonfocal cues, Jacqueline A. Griego and Matthias Kliegel

Representations of relatedness with parents and friends and autonomous academic motivation during the late adolescence-early adulthood period: Reciprocal or unidirectional effects?, Frederic Guay, Herbert Warren Marsh, Caroline Senecal, and Martin Dowson

Long-term DHEA replacement in primary adrenal insufficiency: A randomized, controlled trial, Eleanor M. Gurnell, Penelope J. Hunt, Zusanne E. Curran, Catherine L. Conway, Eleanor M. Pullenayegum, Felicia A. Huppert, Juliet E. Compston, Joseph Herbert, and V. Krishna K. Chatterjee

Role of NADPH oxidase in tissue growth in a tissue engineering chamber in rats, Hiroki Hachisuka, Gregory J. Dusting, Keren M. Abberton, Wayne A. Morrison, and Fan Jiang

To be called again: On the call and on interpretation, William Christian Hackett

Preliminary findings of external counterpulsation for ischemic stroke patient with large artery occlusive disease, Jing Hao Han, Thomas W. Leung, Wynnie W. Lam, Yannie O. Soo, Anne W. Alexandrov, Vincent Mok, Yee-Fong V. Leung, Raymond Lo, and Ka Sing Wong

Michael Pressley's Contributions to the History and Future of Strategies Research, Karen Harris, Patricia Alexander, and Steve Graham

Self-regulated strategy development in writing: Going beyond NLEs to a more balanced approach, Karen Harris, Tanya Santangelo, and Steve Graham

What makes an article influential? Predicting impact in social-personality psychology, Nick Haslam, Lauren Ban, Leah Mary Kaufmann, Stephen Loughnan, Kim Peters, Jennifer Whelan, and Sam Wilson

Commentary on viewpoint: Perspective on the future use of genomics in exercise prescription, John Alan Hawley

Specificity of training adaptation: Time for a rethink?, John Alan Hawley


Overweight and obesity in Australia, John Alan Hawley and David Wayne Dunstan

Exercise training-induced improvements in insulin action, John Alan Hawley and S. J. Lessard

Toddlers' categorization of typical and scrambled dolls and cars, Michelle Ann Heron and Virginia Slaughter

A model for consultation with Aboriginal stakeholders about young people's mental health and wellbeing: the NSW School-Link Training Program, Anthony Hillin, Rob McAlpine, Bindi Marietta Bennett, Tom Brideson, Vanessa Worrall, and Ros Montague

Burnout in elite rugby: Relationships with basic psychological needs fulfilment, Ken Hodge, Christopher Sean Lonsdale, and Johan Y.Y. Ng

Thyroid function and cognitive decline in the MRC Cognitive Function and Ageing Study, Eef Hogervorst, Felicia Huppert, Fiona E. Matthews, and Carol Brayne

Sex-specific developmental changes in muscle size and bone geometry at the femoral shaft, Wolfgang Hogler, Cameron J.R. Blimkie, Chris T. Cowell, Dean Inglis, Frank Rauch, Allan F. Kemp, Peter Norman Wiebe, Craig Scott Duncan, Nathalie Farpour-Lambert, and Helen J. Woodhead


Emergent cigarette smoking, correlations with depression and interest in cessation among aboriginal adolescents in British Columbia, Peter J. Hutchinson, Chris G. Richardson, and Joan Lorraine Bottorff

Hot summers and heart failure: Seasonal variations in morbidity and mortality in Australian heart failure patients (1994-2005), Sally C. Inglis, Robyn A. Clark, Sepehr Shakib, Denis T. Wong, Payman Molaee, David Wilkinson, and Simon Stewart

Gaining consent for publication in difficult cases involving children, David Isaacs, Henry Kilham, Monique Ryan, and Bernadette Margaret Tobin

Time-based and event-based prospective memory across adulthood: Underlying mechanisms and differential costs on the ongoing task, Theodor Jager and Matthias Kliegel

Are there detrimental effects of witnessing school violence in early adolescence?, Michel Janosz, Isabelle Archambault, Linda S. Pagani, Sophie Pascal, Alexandre J.S. Morin, and François Bowen