Submissions from 2009


Converting mathematics tasks to learning opportunities: An important aspect of knowledge for mathematics teaching, Peter Sullivan, Barbara Clarke, and Doug Clarke

Junior secondary students' perceptions of influences on their engagement with schooling, Peter Sullivan, Angela Mornane, Vaughan Prain, and Chris Campbell


After hours palliative care, Heather Margaret Tan, Margaret O'Connor, Gail Miles, Peter Schattner, and Britt Klein

Ricoeur's theory of interpretation: An instrument for data interpretation in hermeneutic phenomenology, Heather Margaret Tan, Anne Wilson, and Ian Olver

GP and nurses' perceptions of how after hours care for people receiving palliative care at home could be improved: A mixed methods study, Heather M. Tan, Margaret M. O'Connor, Gail Miles, Britt Klein, and Peter Schattner

The Lifestyle of our Kids (LOOK) project: Outline of methods, Richard D. Telford, Shona L. Bass, Marc M. Budge, Donald G. Byrne, John S. Carlson, David Coles, Ross B. Cunningham, Robin M. Daly, David Wayne Dunstan, Rowena English, Robert Fitzgerald, Prisca Eser, Karen J. Gravenmaker, Wayne Haynes, Peter E. Hickman, Ahmad Javaid, Xiaoli Jiang, Tony Lafferty, Mark McGrath, Mary Kay Martin, Geraldine Ann Naughton, Julia M. Potter, Stacey J. Potter, Laurence Prosser, David B. Pyne, Graham J. Reynolds, Philo U. Saunders, Markus J. Seibel, Jonathan E. Shaw, Emma Southcott, Wichat Srikusalanukul, Darryl Stuckey, Rohan M. Telford, Kerry Thomas, Ken Tallis, and Paul Waring

Speech and voice outcomes in oropharyngeal cancer and evaluation of the University of Washington Quality of Life speech domain, Lois H. Thomas, Tony M. Jones, S. Tandon, Paul Nicholas Carding, Derek G. Lowe, and Sarah Rogers

Predicted and observed outcomes in preschool children following speech and language treatment: Parent and clinician perspectives, Nancy L. Thomas-Stonell, Bruce Oddson, Bernadette Robertson, and Peter Rosenbaum

Cardiac rehabilitation: Into the future, David Robert Thompson and Alexander Michael Clark


Translation and validation of two Chinese health-related quality of life instruments in patients with coronary heart disease, David Robert Thompson, Doris R. Yu, Neil B. Oldridge, and Cheuk Man Yu


Who’s in our family? An application of the theory of family boundary ambiguity to the experiences of former foster carers, Lorraine Thomson and Morag Mcarthur

A time bomb of cardiovascular risk factors in South Africa: Results from the Heart of Soweto Study "Heart Awareness Days", Kemi Tibazarwa, Lucas Ntyintyane, Karen Sliwa, Trevor Gernholtz, Melinda Jane Carrington, David Wilkinson, and Simon Stewart

An Innovative Approach to Post-graduate Education in Veterinary Public Health, Jenny-Ann Toribio, Hannah Elise Forsyth, R. Laxton, and Richard J. Whittington

Alcohol use and related harms in school students in the USA and Australia, John W. Toumbourou, Sheryl Ann Hemphill, Barbara J. McMorris, Richard F. Catalano, and George C. Patton

Does implementation of clinical practice guidelines change nurses' screening for alcohol and other substance abuse?, Duong Thuy Tran, Andrea M. Stone, Ritin Fernandez, Rhonda Griffiths, and Maree Johnson

Changes in general nurses knowledge of alcohol and substance use and misuse after education, Duong Thuy Tran, Andrea M. Stone, Ritin S. Fernandez, Rhonda D. Griffiths, and Maree Johnson

Why fellowship? Peak professional bodies, peer recognition and credentialing in Australia, Ulrich Trautwein, Oliver Ludtke, Herbert Warren Marsh, and Gabriel Nagy

Pre-tissue plasminogen activator blood pressure levels and risk of symptomatic intracerebral hemorrhage, Georgios Tsivgoulis, James L. Frey, Murray Flaster, Vijay K. Sharma, Annabelle Y. Lao, Steven L. Hoover, Wei Liu, Elefterios Stamboulis, Anne W. Alexandrov, Marc D. Malkoff, and Andrei V. Alexandrov

Caring in residential aged-care. Qualitative findings from an e-cohort sub-study, Anthony Gerrard Tuckett, Karen Hughes, Jean Gilmour, Desley Hegney, Annette Huntington, and Catherine Turner

Validation of CARE-Q in residential aged-care: Rating of importance of caring behaviours from an e-cohort sub-study, Anthony Gerrard Tuckett, Karen Hughes, Philip J. Schluter, and Catherine Turner


Critical issues for the future of senior class retreats in Australian Catholic Schools: Part 1 - major theoretical and educational issues, Rachele Tullio and Graham Rossiter

Cohort profile: The Nurses and Midwives e-Cohort Study - A novel electronic longitude study, Catherine Turner, Chris Bain, Philip J. Schluter, Emily Yorkston, Fiona Bogassian, Rod McClurre, Annette Hungtington, Anthony Gerrard Tuckett, Desley Hegney, David Robert Thompson, and Simon Stewart


Bridging multimodal literacies and national assessment programs in literacy, Leonard Charles Unsworth and Eveline Chan

Effects of bilateral repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on treatment resistant auditory-verbal hallucinations in schizophrenia: a randomized controlled trial, Ans Vercammen, Henderikus Knegtering, Richard Bruggeman, Hanneke M. Westenbroek, Jack A. Jenner, Cees J. Slooff, Lex Wunderink, and Andre Aleman

Quality of life in childhood epilepsy: What is the level of agreement between youth and their parents?, Leonard H. Verhey, D. M. Kulik, Gabriel M. Ronen, Peter Rosenbaum, L. Lach, and David L. Streiner

Conceptual and physical object qualities contribute differently to motor affordances, Guy Vingerhoets, Kim Vandamme, and Ans Vercammen


Outcomes and costs of primary care surveillance and intervention for overweight or obese children: The LEAP 2 randomised controlled trial, Melissa Wake, Louise A. Baur, Bibi Gerner, Kay Gibbons, Lisa Gold, Jane Gunn, Penny Levickis, Zoe McCallum, Geraldine Naughton, Lena Sanci, and Obioha C. Ukoumunne

Identifying exemplary science teachers through their students' perceptions of the assessment process, Bruce Waldrip, Darrell Fisher, and Jeffrey Paul Dorman


Identifying exemplary science teachers through students' perceptions of their learning environment, Bruce G. Waldrip, Darrell L. Fisher, and Jeffrey Paul Dorman

Curriculum in crisis, pedagogy in disrepair: A provocation, Kim Walker

3',4'-Dihydroxyflavonol improves post-ischaemic coronary endothelial function following 7 days reperfusion in sheep, Sheng Wang, Colleen J. Thomas, Gregory Dusting, Owen L. Woodman, and Clive N. May

Australian nursing curricula and mental health recruitment, Philip Warelow and Karen-Leigh Edward

Young Australian Indigenous students' engagement with numeracy: Actions that assist to bridge the gap, Elizabeth Anne Warren and Eva de Vries


Closing the gap: Myths and truths behind subitisation, Elizabeth Anne Warren, Eva de Vries, and Antoinette Cole

Developing Mathematics Understanding and Abstraction: The case of Equivalence in the Elementary Years, Elizabeth Anne Warren, Eva de Vries, and Antoinette Cole


Equivalence and equations in early years classrooms, Elizabeth Anne Warren, Annette Mollinson, and Kym Oestreich

Quality of life instruments for children and adolescents with neurodisabilities: How to choose the appropriate instrument, Elizabeth Waters, Elise Davis, Gabriel M. Ronen, Peter Rosenbaum, Michael H. Livingston, and Saroj Saigal


Strategies and Secrets for Effective Tertiary Study: Reading, Understanding, and Learning in the Academic Setting, Ali Wegner

A multi-method examination of the effects of mindfulness on stress attribution, coping, and emotional well-being, Netta Weinstein, Kirk W. Brown, and Richard Michael Ryan

Can nature make us more caring? Effects of immersion in nature on intrinsic aspirations and generosity, Netta Weinstein, Andrew K. Przybylski, and Richard Michael Ryan

All pain, little gain? Reframing the value of international assignments, Denice Welch, Adam Steen, and Marja Tahvanainen

Women's work. Maintaining a healthy body weight, Nicky Welch, Wendy Hunter, Karina Butera, Karen Frances Willis, Verity Cleland, David Crawford, and Kylie Ball


Critical numeracy and abstraction: percentages, Paul White, Michael Mitchelmore, Rhonda Muriel Faragher, and Sue Wilson

Differential correlates to self-report and parent-report of callous-unemotional traits in a sample of juvenile sexual offenders, Stuart F. White, K. R. Cruise, and Paul Joseph Frick

Factors associated with the selection of freely chosen cadence in non-cyclists, Anthony Gerard Whitty, Aron J. Murphy, Aaron J. Coutts, and Mark L. Watsford

Prediction of stage transitions in fruit and vegetable intake, Amelie U. Wiedemann, Sonia Lippke, Tabea Reuter, Benjamin Schuz, Jochen P. Ziegelmann, and Karl Ralf Schwarzer

Disentangling the relation between intentions, planning, and behaviour: A moderated mediation analysis, A. U. Wiedemann, B. Schuz, F. Sniehotta, U. Scholz, and Karl Ralf Schwarzer

Cognitively impaired older adults exhibit comparable difficulties on naturalistic and laboratory prospective memory tasks, Christine M. Will, Peter Gregory Rendell, Sesil Ozgis, Jane M. Pierson, Ben Ong, and Julie D. Henry

The Church of England and the Origins of Homosexual Law Reform, Graham Willett

The impact of school suspensions: A student wellbeing issue, Geoffrey C. Williams, Christopher P. Niemiec, Heather Patrick, Richard Michael Ryan, and Edward L. Deci

Reliability of the Ekblom Soccer-Specific Endurance Test, Morgan D. Williams, Huw D. Wiltshire, Christian Hans Lorenzen, Cameron J. Wilson, Daniel Lawrence Meehan, and Daniel James Cicioni-Kolsky


Horizontal positioning error derived from stationary GPS units: A function of time and proximity to building infrastructure, Morgan Williams and Stuart Morgan

In-session processes in online counselling with young people: An exploratory approach, Robert Williams, Matthew Bambling, Robert King, and Quentin Abbott

Perils and posibilities: Achieving best evidence from focus groups in public health research, Karen Frances Willis, Julie Green, Jeanne Daly, Lara Williamson, and Mridula Bandyopadhyay


Postural stability and gait among older adults with age-related maculopathy, Joanne M. Wood, Philippe F. Lacherez, Alex A. Black, Michael H. Cole, Mei Ying Boon, and Graham K. Kerr

Working multimodally: Challenges for assessment, Claire Maree Wyatt-Smith and K. Kimber


Does school-wide positive behaviour system improve learning in primary schools? Preliminary findings, Alexander Seeshing Yeung, Mary Mooney, Katrina L. Barker, and Brenda Dobia


Characterization and evolution of vertebrate indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenases. IDOs from monotremes and marsupials, Hajime J. Yuasa, Helen J. Ball, Yuen Fern Ho, Christopher J. D. Austin, Camilla M. Whittington, Katherine Belov, Ghassan J. Maghzal, Lars S. Jermiin, and Nicholas H. Hunt

Perceptions of export credit insurance value: Australian evidence, Benjamin Zammit and Donald Gordon Ross

Effects of age and contextualized material on working memory span performance, Melanie Zeintl and Matthias Kliegel

Crowd behaviour at mass gatherings: A literature Review, Kathryn Zeitz, Heather Margaret Tan, M. Grief, P. C. Couns, and Christopher Zeitz

Submissions from 2008

The relationship between early personality and midlife psychological well-being: Evidence from a UK birth cohort study, Rosemary A. Abbott, Tim J. Croudace, George B. Ploubidis, Diana Kuh, Marcus Richards, and Felicia A. Huppert

Cognitive development in young-old type-2 diabetes patients: A longitudinal analysis from the "interdisciplinary Longitudinal study of aging", Ingo Aberle, Matthias Kliegel, and Daniel Zimprich

Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion leads to immediate, stable and long-term changes in metabolic control, I. Aberle, D. Zimprich, B. Bach-Kliegel, C. Fischer, M. Gorny, A. Kliegel, K. Langer, and Matthias Kliegel


The hegemonic positioning of 'Smart State' policy, Lenore Adie

Perfusion augmentation in acute stroke using mechanical counter-pulsation-phase iia: Effect of external counterpulsation on middle cerebral artery mean flow velocity in five healthy subjects, Anne W. Alexandrov, Marc Ribo, Kay Sing Wong, Rebecca M. Sugg, Zsolt Garami, Jill T. Jesurum, Baxter Montgomery, and Andrei V. Alexandrov


Obesity effects on depression: Systematic review of epidemiological studies, Evan Atlantis and Michael Kevin Baker


Belief, faith, and acceptance, Robert Audi


Intuition, inference, and rational disagreement in ethics, Robert Audi


Some dimensions of trust in business practices: From financial and product representation to licensure and voting, Robert Audi


The ethics of belief: Doxastic self-control and intellectual virtue, Robert Audi

An observational study of sitting out of bed in tracheostomised patients in the intensive care unit, Kristopher Bahadur, Gareth Jones, and George Ntoumenopoulos

Executive dysfunction and its association with personality and behaviour changes in the development of Alzheimer's disease in adults with Down syndrome and mild to moderate learning disabilities, Sarah L. Ball, Anthony J. Holland, Peter Treppner, Peter C. Watson, and Felicia A. Huppert

Family-centered theory: Origins, development, barriers and supports to implementation in rehabilitation medicine, Elena L. Bamm and Peter Rosenbaum


Learning about baby: What new mothers would like to know, Margaret Barnes, Jan Pratt, Kathleen Finlayson, Mary Denise Courtney, Barbara Pitt, and Cheryl Knight

Child versus parent reports of parenting practices: implications for the conceptualization of child behavioral and emotional problems, C. T. Barry, Paul Joseph Frick, and Sarah J. Grafeman


Treatment alternatives for overweight and obesity: The role of online interventions, Jacqueline Baulch, Andrea Chester, and Leah Brennan

Human and Natural Impacts on Fluvial and Karst Depressions of the Maya Lowlands, Timothy Beach, Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach, Nicholas Dunning, and Duncan Edward Cook

The mental wealth of nations, John Beddington, Cary L. Cooper, John Field, Usha Goswami, Felicia A. Huppert, Rachel Jenkins, Hannah S. Jones, Tom B. L. Kirkwood, Barbara J. Sahakian, and Sandy M. Thomas


A man of civic sentiment: the case of William Guthrie Spence, Melissa Bellanta

Engineering the kingdom of god: irrigation, science and the social christian millennium, 1880-1914, Melissa Bellanta

Feminism, mateship and brotherhood in 1890s Adelaide, Melissa Bellanta


The larrikin's hop: Larrikinism and late colonial popular theatre, Melissa Bellanta


Voting for pleasure, or a view from a Victorian theatre gallery, Melissa Bellanta

Engagement with genetic discrimination: Concerns and experiences in the context of Huntington disease, Yvonne Bombard, Elizabeth Penziner, Oksana Suchowersky, Mark Guttman, Jane S. Paulsen, Joan Lorraine Bottorff, and Michael R. Hayden

Women and prostate cancer support groups: The gender connect?, Joan Lorraine Bottorff, John L. Oliffe, Michael Halpin, Melanie Phillips, Graham McLean, and Lawrence Mroz

Improving early language and literacy skills: Differential effects of an oral language versus a phonology with reading intervention, Claudine Boyer-Crane, Margaret J. Snowling, Fiona J. Duff, Elizabeth Fieldsend, Julia M. Carroll, Jeremy Miles, Kristina Gotz, and Charles Hulme

Global Academic Movement: Wandering Scholars or Tradable Commodities?, Susan Bridges and Brendan John Bartlett

Voice loudness and gender effects on jitter and shimmer in healthy adults, Meike Brockmann, Claudio Storck, Paul Nicholas Carding, and Michael J. Drinnan

Effects of estrogen on the mechanical behavior of the human achilles tendon in vivo, Adam L. Bryant, Ross Allan Clark, Simon Bartold, Aron J. Murphy, Kim L. Bennell, Erik Hohmann, Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik, Craig Payne, and Kay M. Crossley

Dynamic restraint capacity of the hamstring muscles has important functional implications after anterior cruciate ligament injury and anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, Adam L. Bryant, Mark William Creaby, Robert U. Newton, and Julie R. Steele

No effect of a graded training program on the number of running-related injuries in novice runners. A randomized controlled trial., Ida Buist, Steef W. Bredeweg, Willem van Mechelen, Koen A. P. M. Lemmink, Gert-Jan Pepping, and Ron L. Diercks

A food pyramid for swiss athletes, Louise Burke

Caffeine and sports performance, Louise M. Burke

Sports nutrition and Australian Football, Louise M. Burke


Joining the club: the Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions, the Paris Principles, and the advancement of human rights protection in the region, Andrew Byrnes, Andrea Durbach, and Catherine Michelle Renshaw

The role of passion for teaching in intrapersonal and interpersonal outcomes, Noemie Carbonneau, Robert J. Vallerand, Claude Fernet, and Frederic Guay

Prognostic impact of pulmonary arterial hypertension: A population-based analysis, Melinda Jane Carrington, Niamh F. Murphy, Geoff Strange, Andrew Peacock, John J.V. McMurray, and Simon Stewart

Is fenofibrate a cost-saving treatment for middle-aged individuals with type ii diabetes? An economic analysis of the FIELD Study, Melinda Jane Carrington and Simon Stewart


Blood pressure and heart rate during continuous experimental sleep fragmentation in health adults, Melinda Jane Carrington and John Trinder