Submissions from 2004


Still interpreting Vatican II: Some hermeneutical principles, Ormond Rush

A contribution to the Coptic biography of Severus of Antioch, Youhanna Nessim Youssef

Relics as a mutual gift between the east and the west, Youhanna Nessim Youssef

The Arabic life of Severus of Antioch attributed to Athanasius of Antioch, Youhanna Nessim Youssef

The Archangel Michael and the patriachs in exile in the Coptic tradition, Youhanna Nessim Youssef

Submissions from 2003

Bati da son Donem Kuran Galismalarina Genel Bir Bakis, Ismail Albayrak

Kuran ve Tetst Agisindan Hzir Kissas, ve Ledun iimi, Ismail Albayrak


Basil of Caesarea, Pauline Allen

Basil of Caesarea, Pauline Allen

Hesychius of Jerusalem, Pauline Allen

The life of Maximus the Confessor: Recension 3, Pauline Allen and Bronwen Jennifer Neil

Christian-Muslim intermarriage in Australia: Identity, social cohesion or cultural fragmentation, Abe Ata

Irenaeus: Touchstone of catholicity, Damien Francis Casey

Genesis: Chapters 1-11, Antoinette Bernadett Collins

Before Abraham was: I am, Mary Coloe

The place of true worship, John chapter 4, Mary Coloe


Contemporary influences on the spirituality of young people: Implications for education, Marian de Souza


Right motives: A Christian perspective on students' academic motivation, Martin Dowson and Pamela Harvey


What do students say about their motivational goals?: Towards a more complex and dynamic perspective on student motivation, Martin Dowson and Dennis McInerney

Mary in the presbyteral homilies of Augustine of Hippo, Geoffrey David Dunn

Stem cells: Sience, medicine, law and ethics, Norman Ford and Michael Herbert

Oneing in the trinity: An antipodean reflection on the trinitarian theology of Julian of Norwich, Kerrie Hide

Trinity and paschal mystery: Divine communion and human conversation, Annemarie Jean Hunt

Augustine's trinitarian interiority: The truth in the heart, Anthony Kelly

Experiencing God in the Gospel of John, Anthony Kelly and Francis Moloney

John Chrysostom, Wendy Elizabeth Mayer

The Jerusalem temple in the life of the early Christian community, James Stuart McLaren

Two views of vice and virtue: Augustine of Hippo and Maximus the Confessor, Bronwen Jennifer Neil

Economics and religion: Introduction, Paul Oslington

On The Personhood of the Human Embryo, John Talivaldis Ozolins

Christ's Proxy :A Response to Wendy Mayer, Kim Power

Shaping & mirroring the field: The encyclopaedia of bioethics, Warren Reich


The offices of Christ, Lumen Gentium and the peoples sense of the faith, Ormond Rush

The defensibility of Christian Judaism, David Campbell Sim

Is there a distinctly surgical ethic?, Bernadette Margaret Tobin

Why we should have maintained a prohibition on destructive research on human embryos, Bernadette Margaret Tobin

Jean Eveque d'Assiut, de Manfalut et d'Abu Tig et ses activites litteraires, Youhanna Nessim Youssef

Pilgrimage sites and patronal cults in Coptic Egypt, Youhanna Nessim Youssef

Severus of Antioch in the Coptic Theotokia, Youhanna Nessim Youssef


Some Patristic quotations of Severus of Antioch in Coptic and Arabic texts, Youhanna Nessim Youssef

The literary Coptic heritage: The history of the Coptic language and its dialect and the elements and sources of Coptic literature (in Arabic), Youhanna Nessim Youssef

Submissions from 2002

Maximus the Confessor and his companions: Documents from exile, Pauline Allen and Bronwen Jennifer Neil


Performance approach, performance avoidance and depth of information processing: A fresh look at relations between students' academic motivation and cognition, Katrina L. Barker, Dennis McInerney, and Martin Dowson

The Carthaginian Synod of 251 :Cyprian's Model of Pastoral Ministry, Geoffrey David Dunn

The Hymn of the Pearl: The Syriac and Greek texts with Introduction; translations and notes, J. Ferreira


The prenatal person: Ethics from conception to birth, Norman Ford

A 'War of Good Against Evil', Raimond Gaita


Intervening in Ethics, Raimond Gaita

The philosopher's dog, Raimond Gaita

Translator's Introduction, Robyn Lesley Horner

Ramzejs Un Murs Par Propoziciju Dabu (Ramsey and Moore on the nature of propositions), John Talivaldis Ozolins