Submissions from 2005

Introduction, Silke Trzcionka

Submissions from 2004


The good in the right: A theory of intuition and intrinsic value, Robert Audi

A randomised controlled trial of pulmonary rehabilitation, Michelle Campbell, Maria Murphy, and John E. Saunders


Kierkegaard’s subjective ontology: A metaphysics of the existing individual [accepted manuscript], Richard Colledge

Vatican II and the Churches in the East, Brian J Lawrence Cross

The Developmental and Validation of the Goal Orientation and Learning Stratergies Survey (Goals-S), Martin Dowson and Dennis McInerney

The forgotten virtues :The intellectual virtues in Aristotle, Peter Francis Drum


Passionately for peace: Virginia Woolf and Benedict XV in conversation, Sophie McGrath

Submissions from 2003

Bati da son Donem Kuran Galismalarina Genel Bir Bakis, Ismail Albayrak

Kuran ve Tetst Agisindan Hzir Kissas, ve Ledun iimi, Ismail Albayrak


Contemporary influences on the spirituality of young people: Implications for education, Marian de Souza


Right Motives: A Christian Perspective on Students' Academic Motivation, Martin Dowson and Pamela Harvey

What do students say about their motivational goals?: Towards a more complex and dynamic perspective on student motivation, Martin Dowson and Dennis McInerney

On The Personhood of the Human Embryo, John Talivaldis Ozolins

Christ's Proxy :A Response to Wendy Mayer, Kim Power

Jean Eveque d'Assiut, de Manfalut et d'Abu Tig et ses activites litteraires, Youhanna Nessim Youssef


Some Patristic quotations of Severus of Antioch in Coptic and Arabic texts, Youhanna Nessim Youssef

Submissions from 2002

Performance Approach, Performance Avoidance and Depth of Information Processing: A fresh look at relations between students' academic motivation and cognition, Katrina L. Barker, Dennis McInerney, and Martin Dowson

The Carthaginian Synod of 251 :Cyprian's Model of Pastoral Ministry, Geoffrey David Dunn

A 'War of Good Against Evil', Raimond Gaita


Intervening in Ethics, Raimond Gaita

Translator's Introduction, Robyn Lesley Horner

Ramzejs Un Murs Par Propoziciju Dabu (Ramsey and Moore on the nature of propositions), John Talivaldis Ozolins