Dwelling in the household of God: Johannine ecclesiology and spirituality

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In her first book, God Dwells With Us: Temple Symbolism in the Fourth Gospel, Mary L. Coloe, P.B.V.M., explored the profound insight of John's Gospel expressed in Jesus' invitation to his disciples: "Make your home in me, as I make mine in you" (John 15:4)." "Dwelling in the Household of God moves us to the other pole of the invitation: "make your home in me." The starting point now is an image in John 14:2: "my Father's house," which is given its Old Testament meaning of "my father's household." Our awareness thus moves, like that of the first Christians, from understanding "My father's house" as the Temple (John 2:16) to "My Father's Household" as a community of believers drawn into Jesus' own divine filiation. Coloe invites us to re-read the gospel from the post-Easter perspective of those who have become brothers and sisters of Jesus and living Temples of God's presence. What emerges is nothing less than a profound mysticism of the mutual indwelling of God and believers.


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