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In 2012 and 2013 the author was privileged to attend two global consultations on Pentecostalism, one in Oxford, the other in Sydney, as the official Catholic observer, together with Tamara Grdzelidze representing the World Council of Churches (WCC). These consultations brought together Pentecostal theologians from all parts of the globe to discuss the present situation of Pentecostalism. The two consultations reveal the great diversity within Pentecostalism and their struggles to find their own place within the larger Christian ecumenical movement. The presence of a Catholic and WCC observer, plus papers from Orthodox and Baptist speakers indicate the willingness of the Pentecostal movement to both listen and speak to the broader Christian churches. In light of the various presentations at the two consultations this article will examine the global situation of Pentecostalism from a Catholic perspective, considering the challenges posed to and by this movement for the whole church.

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