The omnivoyant. Fraternity and God's vision in Nicolas of Cues [L'Omnivoyant. Fraternit? et vision de Dieu chez Nicolas de Cues]

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« I am because you are looking at me ». This phrase from Nicolas of Cues’ De visione Dei sive de icona summarizes unto itself the stakes and the originality of this treaty addressed in 1453 to the Tegernsee monks. « Speaking in order to see », « seeing in order to speak » and « hearing in order to believe » chart the different stages of this singular experience, at once esthetical, philosophical, spiritual and mystical. Whereas one might have thought that the mere call to transcendence was reason enough for assembling before God, the collective contemplation of Roger de la Pasture’s (von der Weyden) painting by the community of monks on the contrary makes one see and even hear that « the revelation of the witness », therefore « of the brother », authenticates this communally shared experience. Reaching the « wall of paradise » does not so much mean « climbing the wall » or « jumping the wall » as rather « inhabiting the divide» where opposites collide and man and God meet within a human community.

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