Research in the Peter Faber Business School shifts the attention from the technical/financial to the social/interpersonal context. With a particularly strong scholarly profile in the Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour arena, our publications feature in such world-class outlets as Human Resource Management Review, Human Resource Management (US), Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, British Journal of Management, and Journal of Vocational Behavior.

In the Thomas More Law School scholarly activities range from mediation and alternative dispute resolution, intellectual property and commercial law to human rights law, international economic law and social justice endeavours.

Academy members of staff consult nationally and internationally and publish their works in leading international book and journal outlets. Examples include articles in the Melbourne Journal of International Law, European Intellectual Property Review, and European Journal of International Law alongside edited volumes and monographs, such as Rethinking International Law and Justice (Ashgate), United Nations Reform: Heading North or South? (Routledge), Mediation: Skills and Techniques (LexisNexis Butterworths) and The Law of Globalization: An Introduction (Kluwer).


Submissions from 2010


Structural equation models of latent interactions: Clarification of orthogonalizing and double-mean-centering strategies, Guan-Chyun Lin, Z Wen, Herbert Marsh, and H Lin

International human resource management structures and their effect on the Australian subsidiary, Jane Maley and Robin Jana Kramar

Sustainable HRM :A Perspective To Counter The Harms Of Efficiency Focused organisational practices, Sugumar Mariappanadar

Building effective communications about party drugs, Al Marshall


Marketing students perceptions of market research as a career option, Al Marshall

Lay Representations of Negative Workplace Behaviour and Their Implications for Psychological Health, Safety and Well-Being, Darcy James McCormack and Judy Van Rooyen

Rising up the ranks in call centres :is the view different on the way to the top?, Anthony McDonnell, Julia Connell, Zeenobiyah Hannif, and John Burgess


Ministry orientation and ministry outcomes : Evaluation of a new multidimensional model of clergy burnout and job satisfaction, Maureen Miner, Martin Dowson, and Sam Sterland

Creative leaders and leading creatives :leadership models in Australia's Dance Companies, Elizabeth More


Employee firm-specific knowledge and the acquisition of a High Performance Work System Organization, E M. Nazila Razi and Elizabeth More

An Evolutionary design for software systems, Linh Thuy Nguyen

Some considerations for the construction of software capable of life-like evolution, Thuy-Linh Nguyen and Somkiat Kitjongthawonkul


Self-Determination Theory and the Relation of Autonomy to Self-Regulatory Processes and Personality Development, C. Niemiec, Richard Ryan, and Edward Deci


Behavioral interventions for prevention and management of chronic disease, Brian Oldenburg, Pilvikki Absetz, and Carina Chan


Trade, Migration, and Inequality in a World without Factor Price Equalization [accepted manuscript], Paul Oslington


An exploratory study into influence of corporate social responsibility on consumer price sensitivity, Tatjana Petricevic and Ralitza Bell


Cover me: The economy is on fire (The German pfandbrief), Patrick Quirk


Internationalisation of legal research : Finding facts and finding law before the next big crash, Patrick Quirk


Subprime Irresponsibility, Patrick Quirk


Consumer protection and the Internet, Patrick Quirk and John Rothchild


Human rights protection in the Pacific: The emerging role of National Human Rights Institutions in the Region, Catherine Renshaw, Andrew Byrnes, and Andrea Durbach

Testing the Mettle of National Human Rights Institutions: A Case Study of the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia, Catherine Renshaw, Andrew Byrnes, and Andrea Durbach

Integration of Context and Concepts of Learning to Study Data Communications, A/Jan Seruga and Suk Kim Chin

Effect of global economic crisis on human resource management, Jie Shen and Brian D'Netto

Stock market, tax revenue and economic growth :A case-study of Malaysia, Roshaiza Taha, Sisira Colombage, and Svetlana Maslyuk

The financial system and revenue collection in Malaysia: An empirical analysis, Roshaiza Taha, Sisira Colombage, and Svetlana Maslyuk

Costing of services :Issues and Challenges, Bulend Terzioglu and Elsie Siu King Chan

Mediating between the muse and the masses: inspiration and the actualization of creative ideas, T Thrash, L Maruskin, S Cassidy, J Fryer, and Richard Ryan


Mediating Between the Muse and the Masses: inspiration and the Actualization of Creative ideas, T Thrash, L Maruskin, S Cassidy, J Fryer, and Richard Ryan

Effective Global Leadership :The Importance of Cultural Intelligence And Openess, Thomas Verghese and Brian D'Netto

Sustainability in an Australian University :Staff Perceptions, Fengfei Wang, Maria Fe Caridad Dyball, and Sue Wright

International staff transfers :a fresh look at a perrenial issue, Denice Welch and Adam Steen

Structural equation models of latent interactions: An appropriate standardized solution and its scale-free properties, Zhonglin Wen, Herbert Marsh, and Kit-Tai Hau


Posttraumatic Growth in International Study: The Case of Chinese in Australia, Thomas Whelan and Winifred Cunningham


The responsibility to protect, Spencer Michael Zifcak

Towards a more just United Nations, Spencer Michael Zifcak

Submissions from 2009


Improving the Effectiveness of the Sex Discrimination Act: Recommendations from the 2008 Senate Inquiry, Dominique Louise Allen


Blog, podcast, vodcast and Wiki copyright guide for Australia, Anthony C. Austin, Jessica M. Coates, Hannah Donnelly, and Brian F. Fitzgerald


Aligning Identity and Strategy: Corporate Branding at British Airways in the late 20th Century, John M. T. Balmer, Helen Joyce Stuart, and Stephen Greyser


Simplification :ethical implications for modelling and simulation, John Barlow

An Exploratory Research on Perceived Value of Professional Business Services, Ralitza Bell

Management Educators - "you cannot blame us - we were not there!", Lynne Bennington

No particular place to sit? Exploring the issues of the flexible office for HRM, Lynne Bennington


The Law of Globalization - An Introduction, Laurence Boulle

Managing for the future in higher education :sustainability, leadership and change management, Lorne Butt, Elizabeth Agnes More, and Gayle Avery


Engaging MBA students in problem based learning to foster self directed learning, Janet Cheng Lian Chew


Learners' Perceptions of the Teaching Practices in Business Education: An Australian Study, Janet Cheng Lian Chew

Organizational factors influencing employees organizational commitment and intention to stay, Janet Cheng Lian Chew


Using the Delphi Technique to identify key factors that shape the Human Resource Architecture in the Australian Business environment, Janet Cheng Lian Chew

Financial Capabilities of Superannuants, Teresa Ita Clinton

Strategic Human Resource Management: A question of synergistic relationships?, Robert Leigh Compton


Towards an integrated model of Strategic Human Resource Management - An Australian case study, Robert Leigh Compton

All for One and One for All: A Survey of Franchise Trade Associations' Roles in the Governance of the Franchise Relationship, Elizabeth Crawford-Spencer


Consequences of the Interaction of Standard Form and Relational Contracting in Franchising, Elizabeth Crawford-Spencer

Employee Perceptions of Human Resource Diversity Management: Practices in Australia, Brian D'Netto, John Chelliah, Manjit Monga, and Jie Shen

Blue Ocean Strategies: Should Asia Pacific Managers Sail These Waters?, Yvon Dufour and Peter David Steane

Inaccuracy in traffic forecasts: lying or strategizing? A contextualist analysis of a troubled initiative in the Hong Kong container industry, Yvon Dufour and Peter David Steane

Wicked Problems in Public Management :Towards A Configuration Approach, Yvon Dufour and Peter David Steane


'A tongue but no teeth?': The emergence of a regional human rights mechanism in the Asia Pacific region, Andrea Durbach, Catherine Michelle Renshaw, and Andrew Byrnes

The future of data policy, Anne M. Fitzgerald, Brian Francis Fitzgerald, and Kylie Maria Pappalardo


Open access policies, practices and licensing: A review of the literature in Australia and selected jurisdictions, Anne M. Fitzgerald, Neale Hooper, Baden Appleyard, Karen Buttigieg, Kylie Marie Pappalardo, and Brian Fitzgerald


Traditional cultural expression and the internet world, Brian F. Fitzgerald and Susan Hedge


Copyright and innovation in the digital age :The United Arab Emirates, Brian F. Fitzgerald and Rami Olwan


Problems with Competitiveness in an Independent World, D K Gates and P Steane

Political Religion - the Influence of Ideological and Identity Orientation, Donald Keith Gates and Peter David Steane

The influence of economic rationalism upon policy development: Historical, income and social cohesion perspectives, Donald Keith Gates and Peter David Steane


Accountability, Rationalism, Ambiguity and Uncertainty in Decision and Policy Making, Donald Gates and Peter David Steane


Problems with Competitiveness in an Independent World, Donald Gates and Peter David Steane

IC reporting in the Australian Red Cross blood service, James Guthrie, Peter David Steane, and Frederica Farneti

Transfer pricing in service organisations: An Australian perspective, Robert Inglis, Bulend Terzioglu, and Robert Clift

Human-centred multimedia interpretation, Somkiat Kitjongthawonkul

An Application of Human-Centered Multimedia System for Medical Implementation, Jesuk Ko and Somkiat Kitjongthawonkul

Older academics and career management: An interdisciplinary discussion, Jacqueline Larkin

Reactive or proactive? :Universities in action on their ageing academic workforce, Jacqueline Larkin and Ruth Neumann

Reactive or proactive? Universities in action on their ageing academic workforce, Jacqueline Larkin and Ruth Neumann


University career management practices for academic staff: a reality check?, Jacqueline Larkin and Ruth Neumann

Knowing the social in planning law decision making, Judith Rebecca Leshinsky

Motivational Gratification: An integrated work motivation model with information system design perspective, Sugumar Mariappanadar

Workplace bullying and intention to leave among schoolteachers in China: The mediating effect of affective commitment, Darcy James McCormack, Gian Casimir, Nikola Djurkovic, and Li Yang

Do family firms matter in IPO markets? Initial returns performance of family and non - family firms - A critical perspective: Australian evidence, Nicholas Andrew Mroczkowski and George Tanewski

Human capital reporting: Should it be industry specific?, Loretta O'Donnell, Robin Jana Kramar, and Maria Fe Caridad Dyball


A Christian perspective on the Financial Crisis, Paul Oslington

Pushing Economies (and Students) Outside the Factor Price Equalization Zone, Paul Oslington and Isaac Towers


Whether Australian secured transactions laws will transition from the English system to the Personal Property Securities Act?, Patrick Thomas Quirk

Dirty Work and the HR Profession, Charlotte Raynor, Nikola Djarkovic, and Darcy McCormack


Critiquing the Knowledge Management: Strategies of Non-profit Organizations in Australia, Sharyn Renshaw and Girija Krishnaswamy

The impact of the work conditions of allied health professionals on satisfaction, commitment and psychological distress, John James Rodwell, Andrew Noblet, Defne David Demir, and Peter David Steane

Supervisors are Central to Work Characteristics Affecting Nurse Outcomes, John James Rodwell, Andrew Noblet, Defne Demir, and Peter David Steane

The Demand Model and Certain Types of Organizational Justice Predict Employee Wellbeing, John James Rodwell, Andrew Noblet, and Katrina Jane Lawson


Investigating People Management Issues in a Third Sector Health Care Organisation: An Inductive Approach, John James Rodwell, Andrew Noblet, Peter David Steane, Stephen Osborne, and A. Allisey


Broadening the scope of work-life balance: Experiences of Australian Muslims, Adem Sav, Neil Harris, Bernadette Sebar, Donald Stewart, and Mohamad Abdalla


Reviewing and Developing a Program in Business Information Systems, Jan Seruga


Managing diversity through human resource management: an international perspective and conceptual framework, Jie Shen, Ashok Chanda, Brian D'Netto, and Manjit Monga

Differences in Management: Development between Australia and China, Jie Shen and Brian D'Netto

Effects of Human Resource Diversity Management on Organizational Citizen Behavior, Jie Shen, Brian D'Netto, and Jiong Tang

Risk Management in Corporate Governance: A Review and Proposal, Adam Steen, Ian Brown, and Julie Foreman

Of money, motives and mobility: The contentious value of international assignments, Adam Steen, Denice Welch, and Marja Tahvanainen


Marketing to children: The premium effect, Helen Joyce Stuart and Gayle Kerr

Selbstwirksamkeit bei Lehrkraften, Lisa M. Warner and Karl Ralf Schwarzer

All pain, little gain? Reframing the value of international assignments, Denice Welch, Adam Steen, and Marja Tahvanainen