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Disturbing evidence documenting some teachers’ aggressive classroom management (mis)behaviour is growing. Relative to the importance of this issue, the level of research activity into the area is small (Sava, 2002). Writing about teacher aggression is widespread in the non-English literature: in France, Romania, Russia, and Spain (Sava, 2002). Reports have also appeared in Australia (Lewis & Riley, 2009), China and Israel (Lewis, Romi, Katz, & Qui, 2008), Poland (Piekarska, 2000), Scotland (Munn, Johstone, & Sharp, 2004), and Japan (Treml, 2001). In Europe, the term didactogeny has been coined for the experience of “a faulty education that harms children” medically, psychologically, or educationally (Sava, 2002, p. 1008).

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