Towards an integrated model of Strategic Human Resource Management - An Australian case study

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Over the past twenty years much has been written on the need for contemporary organisations to adopt an empowered leadership style supported by innovative and integrated human resource management strategies. This paper examines a major Australian government owned energy company's leadership and HRM strategies in the context of a ten year campaign by the government to privatise the industry. A strategy to create a new and empowered culture is analysed in terms of its drive to not only prepare the workforce for a privatised industry, but to also develop a highly competent leadership team alongside a supportive and integrated competency based model for strategic human resource management. The primary aim of the developed model is to ensure that all leadership competencies and HR strategies flow directly from the organisation's strategic plan. A second aim of the model is to ensure that all HR strategies and processes are linked together creating a synergistic relationship with internal business partners alongside key external customers and suppliers. The third aim of the model is to ensure that all affected people are engaged in the change process by way of focus groups and individual interviews. Radical change, innovative leadership competencies and a supportive and an integrated human resource management model will be required if this company is to maintain its place in the new national market. The integrated HRM model developed as a result of this study also has general applicability across any medium to large organisation.

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