Motivational Gratification: An integrated work motivation model with information system design perspective

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Researchers in the field of information system (IS) endorse the view that there is always a discrepancy between the expressions of client’s automation requirements and IS designers understanding of such requirement because of difference in the field of expertise. In this article an attempt is taken to develop a motivational gratification model (MGM) from the cognitive informatics perspective for the automation of employee motivation measurement, instead of developing a motivation theory from a management perspective and expecting the IS designers to develop a system based on the understanding of the theory that is alien to his/her field of expertise. Motivational Gratification is an integrated work motivation model which theoretically explains how employees self-regulate their effort intensity for ‘production’ or ‘reduction’ of motivational force towards future high performance, and it is developed using taxonomies of system approach from psychology and management. The practical implications of MGM in management and IS analysis and design are discussed.

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