The Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research aims to identify critical gaps within community and healthcare services, with an explicit goal to improve health outcomes (and a focus on vulnerable groups) via innovative individual, community and health service-focused programs.

The Nursing Research Institute undertakes multidisciplinary clinical and health services research that is focused on improving patient outcomes and health systems with a particular emphasis on implementation science research, that is the study of how to implement evidence based care. This research spans systematic reviews, trials, surveys, mixed-methods and qualitative research which a focus on:

  • Acute & Chronic Care
  • Stroke Care
  • Pressure Injury Prevention
  • Models of care

The Institute for Health and Ageing (IHA) is a multidisciplinary, Melbourne-based research institute focussing on both the positive and problematic aspects of ageing.


Submissions from 2008

Representations of relatedness with parents and friends and autonomous academic motivation during the late adolescence-early adulthood period: Reciprocal or unidirectional effects?, Frederic Guay, Herbert Warren Marsh, Caroline Senecal, and Martin Dowson

Long-term DHEA replacement in primary adrenal insufficiency: A randomized, controlled trial, Eleanor M. Gurnell, Penelope J. Hunt, Zusanne E. Curran, Catherine L. Conway, Eleanor M. Pullenayegum, Felicia A. Huppert, Juliet E. Compston, Joseph Herbert, and V. Krishna K. Chatterjee

Role of NADPH oxidase in tissue growth in a tissue engineering chamber in rats, Hiroki Hachisuka, Gregory J. Dusting, Keren M. Abberton, Wayne A. Morrison, and Fan Jiang

Preliminary findings of external counterpulsation for ischemic stroke patient with large artery occlusive disease, Jing Hao Han, Thomas W. Leung, Wynnie W. Lam, Yannie O. Soo, Anne W. Alexandrov, Vincent Mok, Yee-Fong V. Leung, Raymond Lo, and Ka Sing Wong

Understanding participation among adolescent Rugby Union players, Timothy Bryan Hartwig, John Carlson, and Geraldine Ann Naughton

What makes an article influential? Predicting impact in social-personality psychology, Nick Haslam, Lauren Ban, Leah Mary Kaufmann, Stephen Loughnan, Kim Peters, Jennifer Whelan, and Sam Wilson

Commentary on viewpoint: Perspective on the future use of genomics in exercise prescription, John Alan Hawley

Specificity of training adaptation: Time for a rethink?, John Alan Hawley


Overweight and obesity in Australia, John Alan Hawley and David Wayne Dunstan

Exercise training-induced improvements in insulin action, John Alan Hawley and S. J. Lessard

Metabolic adaptations to training, John Alan Hawley and Gustavo A. Nader

Toddlers' categorization of typical and scrambled dolls and cars, Michelle Ann Heron and Virginia Slaughter

A model for consultation with Aboriginal stakeholders about young people's mental health and wellbeing: the NSW School-Link Training Program, Anthony Hillin, Rob McAlpine, Bindi Marietta Bennett, Tom Brideson, Vanessa Worrall, and Ros Montague


Thinking rugby: Using sport psychology to improve rugby performance, Ken Hodge, Christopher Sean Lonsdale, and Alex McKenzie

Burnout in elite rugby: Relationships with basic psychological needs fulfilment, Ken Hodge, Christopher Sean Lonsdale, and Johan Y.Y. Ng

Thyroid function and cognitive decline in the MRC Cognitive Function and Ageing Study, Eef Hogervorst, Felicia Huppert, Fiona E. Matthews, and Carol Brayne

Sex-specific developmental changes in muscle size and bone geometry at the femoral shaft, Wolfgang Hogler, Cameron J.R. Blimkie, Chris T. Cowell, Dean Inglis, Frank Rauch, Allan F. Kemp, Peter Norman Wiebe, Craig Scott Duncan, Nathalie Farpour-Lambert, and Helen J. Woodhead


Emergent cigarette smoking, correlations with depression and interest in cessation among aboriginal adolescents in British Columbia, Peter J. Hutchinson, Chris G. Richardson, and Joan Lorraine Bottorff

Hot summers and heart failure: Seasonal variations in morbidity and mortality in Australian heart failure patients (1994-2005), Sally C. Inglis, Robyn A. Clark, Sepehr Shakib, Denis T. Wong, Payman Molaee, David Wilkinson, and Simon Stewart

Time-based and event-based prospective memory across adulthood: Underlying mechanisms and differential costs on the ongoing task, Theodor Jager and Matthias Kliegel

Are there detrimental effects of witnessing school violence in early adolescence?, Michel Janosz, Isabelle Archambault, Linda S. Pagani, Sophie Pascal, Alexandre J.S. Morin, and François Bowen

identifying teachers at risk in Hong Kong: Psychosomatic symptoms and sources of stress, Putai Jin, Alexander Seeshing Yeung, Tak-On Tang, and Renae Low

Beyond the barriers: Marking the place for marijuana use at a Canadian high school, Joy L. Johnson, Barbara Moffat, Joan Lorraine Bottorff, Jean Shoveller, Benedikt Fischer, and Rebecca J. Haines


A survey of the risk-management behaviours of Australian general practitioners, Maree Johnson, Sungwon Chang, Brooke Murphy, and Sheryn Payne

Self-assessment of medico-legal risk by doctors: The Know Your Risk Version 1- short form, Maree Johnson, Brooke Murphy, Sheryn Payne, and Sungwon Chang

Intensive care for the critically ill adult, Alice Y.M. Jones, George Ntoumenopoulos, and Jennifer D. Paratz

The development of a brief version of the Nurse's Observation Scale for inpatient Evaluation (NOSiE-30), Nicole T. Jones, Brian Sheitman, Dennis R. Combs, David Lewis Penn, Mark Hazelrigg, and Betty Paesler


Treatment of stroke: Acting on the symptoms, Stephanie Jones, Michael J. Leathley, and Caroline Leigh Watkins

Engaging service users in the development of stroke services: An action research study, Stephanie P. Jones, Malcolm F. Auton, Christopher R. Burton, and Caroline L. Watkins


Quality of life in heart failure, Corrine Jurgens, Jom Suwano, and Barbara Riegel

Short-term voice quality results following percutaneous medialisation of the paralysed vocal cord under local anaesthesia using calcium hydroxyapatite gel: How we do it, Y. Karagama, A. Hurren, Paul Nicholas Carding, and L. Lindsey

Evaluating nurses' knowledge and skills in the detection of child abuse in the Emergency Department, Carolyn Keane and Rosemary Chapman

Ankle flexors produce peak torque at longer muscle lengths after whole-body vibration, Matthew A. Kemertzis, Noel Desmond Lythgo, David L. Morgan, and Mary Galea

Energy efficiency in gait, activity, participation, and health status in children with cerebral palsy, Claire Frances Kerr, Jackie Parkes, Mike Stevenson, Aidan P. Cosgrove, and Brona C. McDowell

Training injuries in New Zealand amateur rugby league players, Doug A. King and Timothy James Gabbett

Guest editorial: Pragmatic trials: Is this a useful method in nursing reserach?, Kathryn M. King and David Robert Thompson

Clinical neuropsychology of prospective memory, Matthias Kliegel, Theodor Jager, Mareike Altgassen, and David Shum

Adult age differences in event-based prospective memory: A meta-analysis on the role of focal versus nonfocal cues, Matthias Kliegel, Theodor Jager, and Louise H. Phillips

A life span approach to the development of complex prospective memory, Matthias Kliegel, Rachael J. Mackinlay, and Theodor Jager

Complex prospective memory: Development across the lifespan and the role of task interruption, Matthias Kliegel, Rachael J. Mackinlay, and Theodor Jager

The effect of active support training on engagement, opportunities for choice, challenging behaviour and support needs, Stella Koritsas, Teresa Iacono, David Ian Hamilton, and Daniel Leighton


Linking learning to community for indigenous computing courses, Cat Kutay and Janet Mooney

Enhancement and new constructs: Overview and rationale, Patrick C. Kyllonen, Lazar Stankov, and Richard D. Roberts

Passion in sport: On the quality of the coach-athlete relationship, Marc-Andre K. Lafreniere, Sophia Jowett, Robert J. Vallerand, Eric G. Donahue, and Ross Lorimer

Neighborhood deprivation, individual socioeconimic status, and cognitive function in older people: Analyses from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing, Iain A. Lang, David J. Llewellyn, Kenneth M. Langa, Robert B. Wallace, Felicia A. Huppert, and David Melzer

The nature and severity of voice disorders in lung cancer patients, Clare F. Lee, Paul Nicholas Carding, and Mike Fletcher


Are ECG abnormalities common in black AFricans with heart failure? Results from the Heart of Soweto study, Geraldine Lee, Melinda Jane Carrington, Karen Sliwa, and Simon Stewart

Cognitive ability, personality, and academic performance in adolescence, Peter Leeson, Joseph Ciarrochi, and Patrick Charles Lionel Heaven

Evidence for presribing exercise as a therapy for treating patients with type 2 diabetes, Sarah J. Lessard and John Alan Hawley


Older fallers with poor working memory overestimate their postural limits, Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Yasmin Ahamed, Peter Graf, Fabio Feldman, and Stephen Robinovitch


Older fallers with poor working memory overestimate their postural limits, Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Yasmin Ahamed, Peter Graf, Fabio Feldman, and Stephen Robinovitch


Otago home-based strength and balance retraining improves executive functioning in older fallers : A randomized controlled trial, Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Meghan Donaldson, Yasmin Ahamed, Peter Graf, Wendy Cook, Jacqueline Close, Stephen Lord, and Karim Khan


Otago home-based strength and balance retraining improves executive functioning in older fallers: A randomized controlled trial, Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Meghan Donaldson, Yasmin Ahamed, Peter Graf, Wendy Cook, Jacqueline Close, Stephen Lord, and Karim Khan

Adolescents with cerebral palsy: Stability in measurement of quality of life and health-related quality of life over 1 year, Michael H. Livingston and Peter Rosenbaum

Cognitive function and psychological well-being: Findings from a population-based cohort, David J. Llewellyn, Iain A. Lang, Kenneth M. Langa, and Felicia A. Huppert

Framingham Stroke Risk Profile and poor cognitive function: A population-based study, David J. Llewellyn, Iain A. Lang, Jing Xie, Felicia A. Huppert, David Melzer, and Kenneth M. Langa

Canada and India: An innovative partnership to advance oncology nursing research, Carmen G. Loiselle, Brindha Sitaram, Thomas F. Hack, Joan Lorraine Bottorff, and Lesley F. Degner

The Behavioral Regulation in Sport Questionnaire (BRSQ): Instrument development and initial validity evidence, Christopher Sean Lonsdale, Ken Hodge, and Elaine A. Rose

On the temporal and behavioural consistency of pre-performance routines: An intra-individual analysis of elite basketball players' free throw shooting accuracy, Christopher Sean Lonsdale and Jimmy T.M. Tam

The Multilevel Latent Covariate Model: A new, more reliable approach to group-level effects in contextual studies, Oliver Ludtke, Herbert Warren Marsh, Alexander Robitzsch, Ulrich Trautwein, Tihomir Asparouhov, and Bengt Muthen

A short and very short form of the physical self-inventory for adolescents: Development and factor validity, Christophe Maiano, Alexandre Morin, Gregory Ninot, Johana Monthuy-Blanc, Yannick Stephan, Jean-Francois Florent, and Philippe Vallee

Participation and enjoyment of leisure activities in school-aged children with cerebral palsy, Annette Majnemer, Michael Shevell, Mary Law, Rena Birnbaum, Gevorg Chilingaryan, Peter Rosenbaum, and Chantal Poulin

Reliability in the ratings of quality of life between parents and their children of school age with cerebral palsy, Annette Majnemer, Michael Shevell, Mary Law, Chantal Poulin, and Peter Rosenbaum

Differential effects of acute serotonin and dopamine depletion on prepulse inhibition and P50 suppression measures of sensorimotor and sensory gating in humans, Collette Mann, Rodney J. Croft, Kirsty Elizabeth Balog, Alan Dunne, Barry V. O'Neill, Sumie Leung, David Coplov, K. Luan Phan, and Pradeep J. Nathan

Can early onset bone loss be effectively managed in post-stroke patients? An integrative review of the evidence, Jenny Marsden, Lorna Mary Gibson, Catherine Elizabeth Lightbody, Anil Kumar Sharma, Mashood Siddiqi, and Caroline Watkins

Final Report: Evaluation capacity building amongst members of a clubhouse for people with mental illness, Sarah Louise Marshall

The elusive importance effect: More failure for the Jamesian perspective on the importance of importance in shaping self-esteem, Herbert Warren Marsh

Validating young children's self-concept responses: Methodological ways and means to understand their responses, Herbert Warren Marsh, Raymond Debus, and Laurel J. Bornholt

Improving the peer-review process for grant applications: Reliability, validity, bias, and generalizability, Herbert Warren Marsh, Upali W. Jayasinghe, and Nigel W. Bond

A multilevel perspective on gender in classroom motivation and climate: Potential benefits of male teachers for boys?, Herbert Warren Marsh, Andrew J. Martin, and Jacqueline H. Cheng

Reciprocal effects between academic self-concept, self-esteem, achievement, and attainment over seven adolescent years: Unidimensional and multidimensional perspectives of self-concept, Herbert Warren Marsh and Alison J. O'Mara

The Big-Fish-Little-Pond-Effect stands up to critical scrutiny: Implications for theory, methodology, and future research, Herbert Warren Marsh, Marjorie Seaton, Ulrich Trautwein, Oliver Ludtke, K. T. Hau, Alison J. O'Mara, and Rhonda Gai Craven

Social comparison and Big-Fish-Little-Pond Effects on self-concept and other self-belief constructs: Role of generalized and specific others, Herbert Warren Marsh, Ulrich Trautwein, Oliver Ludtke, and Olaf Koller

Academic buoyancy: Towards an understanding of students' everyday academic resilience, Andrew J. Martin and Herbert Warren Marsh

Workplace and academic buoyancy: Psychometric assessment and construct validity amongst school personnel and students, Andrew J. Martin and Herbert Warren Marsh

Performance and mastery orientation of high school and university/college students: A rasch perspective, Andrew J. Martin, Herbert Warren Marsh, Raymond L. Debus, and Lars-Erik Malmberg

Factor structure of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale in coronary heart disease patients in three countries, Colin R. Martin, David Robert Thompson, and Jurgen Barth

Age differences and changes of coping behavior in three age groups: Findings from the Georgia Centenarian Study, Peter Martin, Matthias Kliegel, Christoph Rott, Leonard W. Poon, and Mary Ann Nn Johnson


A piece of the puzzle - The role of ethnic health staff in hospitals, Clair Matthews, Anna Klinken Whelan, Maree Johnson, and Cathy Noble

Come in spinner :the interface between Older People and Computer Technology, Tracey Therese Anne McDonald, Peter Conolly, and Louise Marie Van Camp

Implementing technology-based care and Management; systems for effective aged care outcomes :Issues and recommendations, Tracey Therese Anne McDonald, Jennifer Lynette Hardy, C Lee, and C Kwok

The validity of an existing gait classification system when applied to a representative population of children with hemiplegia, Brona C. McDowell, Claire Frances Kerr, Connor Kelly, Jose J. Salazar-Torres, and Aidan Cosgrove

Support surfaces for pressure ulcer prevention, Elizabeth McInnes, Nicky A. Cullum, Sally Bell-Syer, Jo C. Dumville, and Asmara Jammali-Blasi

Support surfaces for pressure ulcer prevention, Elizabeth McInnes, Nicky Cullum, Sally Bell-Syer, and Rosa Legood

Voice change following thyroid and parathyroid surgery, Pauline Meek, Paul Nicholas Carding, D. H. Howard, and T. W.J. Lennard

Nursing practice environment: How does one Australian hospital compare with magnet hospitals?, Sandy Middleton, Rhonda Griffiths, Ritin Fernandez, and Bronwyn Smith

Goal motives, well-being and physical health: A integrative model, Paule Miquelon and Robert J. Vallerand

Effect of infections on 30-day mortality among critically ill patients hospitalized in and out of the intensive care unit, George Mnatzaganian, Charles L. Sprung, Yana Zitser-Gurevich, Noya Galai, Nethanel Goldschmidt, Leon Levi, Yaron Bar-Lavi, Fabio Zveibil, Inbal Weiss Salz, Anat Ekka-Zohar, and Elisheva Simchen

The effects of industry standard averaging and filtering techniques in kinematic gait analysis, M. Molloy, Jose J. Salazar-Torres, Claire Frances Kerr, Brona C. McDowell, and Aidan P. Cosgrove


Lost in transition: exploring young people's experiences of transition from youth detention in the ACT, Tim Moore, Vicky Saunders, and Morag Mcarthur

Explosive and reactive horizontal jump assessment :Reliability and validity for athletic populations, Mark Moresi, David Anthony Greene, Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw, and Geraldine Ann Naughton

Brain neuropeptide Y and CCK and peripheral adipokine receptors: Temporal response in obesity induced by palatable diet, N. J. Morris, Rani Watts, A. Shulkes, and David Cameron-Smith

A virtual tabletop workspace for upper-limb rehabilitation in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) :A multiple case study evaluation, Nicholas Mumford, Jonathan Duckworth, Ross Eldridge, Mark Gugliemetti, Patrick Robert Thomas, Heiko Rudolph, and Peter Henry Wilson

Screening in early childhood for risk lf later mental health problems: A longitudinal study, Jake M. Najman, Michelle Ann Heron, Mohammad R. Hayatbakhsh, Kaeleen Dingle, Konrad Jamrozik, William Bor, Michael O'Callaghan, and Gail M. Williams


A profile of paediatric sports injuries at three types of medical practice, Geraldine Ann Naughton, Nancy Van Doorn, Gary Browne, Lawerence Lam, and Carolyn Broderick

The role of awareness and autonomy in quieting the ego: A self-determination theory perspective, Christopher P. Niemiec, Richard Michael Ryan, and Kirk Warren Brown


Who cares? Experiences of young people living with a family member who has an alcohol or other drug issue, Debbie Noble-Carr, Tim Moore, and Morag McArthur

A handbook to flourish: A recovery-based self development program, Lindsay Gregory Oades

The association of infant feeding with parent-reported infections and hospitalisations in the West Australian Aboriginal Child Health Survey, Wendy H. Oddy, Cheryl Kickett-Tucker, John De Maio, David Lawrence, Adele Cox, Sven R. Silburn, Fiona J. Stanley, and Stephen R. Zubrick

Analyzing participant produced photographs from an ethnographic study of fatherhood and smoking, J. L. Oliffe, Joan Lorraine Bottorff, Michelle Kelly, and M. Halpin