The Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research aims to identify critical gaps within community and healthcare services, with an explicit goal to improve health outcomes (and a focus on vulnerable groups) via innovative individual, community and health service-focused programs.

The Nursing Research Institute undertakes multidisciplinary clinical and health services research that is focused on improving patient outcomes and health systems with a particular emphasis on implementation science research, that is the study of how to implement evidence based care. This research spans systematic reviews, trials, surveys, mixed-methods and qualitative research which a focus on:

  • Acute & Chronic Care
  • Stroke Care
  • Pressure Injury Prevention
  • Models of care

The Institute for Health and Ageing (IHA) is a multidisciplinary, Melbourne-based research institute focussing on both the positive and problematic aspects of ageing.


Submissions from 2009

A measure of community members perceptions of the impacts of research partnerships in health and social services, Gillian King, Michelle Servais, Marilyn Kertoy, Jacqueline Specht, Melissa Currie, Peter Rosenbaum, Mary Law, Cheryl Forchuk, Heather Chalmers, and Teena Willoughby

A time-motion analysis of professional rugby league match-play, Trish King, David G. Jenkins, and Timothy James Gabbett

Spectroscopic correlation analysis of NMR-based metabonomics in exercise science, Gemma M. Kirwan, Vernon Glenn Coffey, Julie O. Niere, John Alan Hawley, and Michael J. Adams

Transmission of depressive symptoms: A study with couples undergoing assisted-reporduction treatment, Nina Knoll, Karl Ralf Schwarzer, Bettina Pfuller, and Rolf Kienle


Cognitive health, Christina Kure

The health and psychosocial functioning of caregivers of children with neurodevelopmental disorders, Lucyna M. Lach, Dafna E. Kohen, Rochelle E. Garner, Jamie C. Brehaut, Anton R. Miller, Anne F. Klassen, and Peter Rosenbaum

La theorie de l'autodetermination et le modele hierarchique de la motivation intrinseque et extrinseque: Perspectives integratives, Marc-Andre K. Lafreniere, Robert J. Vallerand, and Noemie Carbonneau

On the costs and benefits of gaming: The role of passion, Marc-Andre K. Lafreniere, Robert J. Vallerand, Eric G. Donahue, and Genevieve L. Lavigne

Cognitive health among older adults in the United States and in England, Kenneth M. Langa, David J. Llewellyn, Iain A. Lang, David R. Weir, Robert B. Wallace, Mohammed U. Kabeto, and Felicia A. Huppert

Resistive Exercise for Arthritic Cartilage Health (REACH): A randomized double-blind, sham-exercise controlled trial, Angela K. Lange, Benedicte Vanwanseele, Nasim Foroughi, Michael Kevin Baker, Ronald C. Shnier, Richard M. Smith, and Maria Fiatarone Singh

EfCCNa survey: European intensive care nurses' attitudes and beliefs towards end-of-life care, Jos M. Latour, Paul Richard Fulbrook, and John W. Albarran

On the dynamic relationships between contextual (or general) and situational (or state) motivation toward exercise and physical activity: A longitudinal test of the top-down and bottom-up hypothesis, Genevieve L. Lavigne, Nicolas Hauw, Robert J. Vallerand, Philippe Brunel, Celine Blanchard, Isabelle Cadorette, and Christophe Angot


The Impact Of Workload On Wellbeing, Mental Health And Depression :A Longitudinal Study Of Work Perceptions, Katrina Lawson, John Rodwell, and Andrew Noblet

Gender differences in heart failure self-care: A multinational cross-sectional study, Christopher S. Lee, Barbara Reigel, Andrea Driscoll, Jom Suwanno, Debra K. Moser, Terry A. Lennie, Victoria V. Dickson, Janette Cameron, and Linda Worrall-Carter

Global impairment of prospective memory following acute alcohol, Julie R. Leitz, Celia JA Morgan, James A. Bisby, Peter G. Rendell, and H Valerie Curran

Global impairment of prospective memory following acute alcohol, Julie R. Leitz, Celia J.A. Morgan, James A. Bisby, Peter Gregory Rendell, and Valerie Curran

The cognitive and linguistic foundations of early reading development: A Norwegian latent variable longitudinal study, Arne Lervag, Ivar Braten, and Charles Hulme

Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN) taps a mechanism that places constraints on the development of early reading fluency, Arne Lervag and Charles Hulme

Impaired skeletal muscle beta-adrenergic activation and lipolysis are associated with whole-body insulin resistance in rats bred for low intrinsic exercise capacity, Sarah J. Lessard, Donato A. Rivas, Zhu-Ping Chen, Bryce J. van Denderen, Matthew J. Watt, Lauren G. Koch, Steven L. Britton, Bruce Ernest Kemp, and John Alan Hawley

Substance abusers report being more alexithymic than others but do not show emotional processing deficits on a performance measure of alexithymia, Julie Lindsay and Joseph Ciarrochi

Self-efficacy moderates the mediation of intentions into behavior via plans, Sonia Lippke, Amelie U. Wiedemann, Jochen P. Ziegelmann, Tabea Reuter, and Karl Ralf Schwarzer

Validity of stage assessment in the adoption and maintenance of physical activity and fruit and vegetable consumption, Sonia Lippke, Jochen P. Ziegelmann, Karl Ralf Schwarzer, and Wayne F. Velicer

U.K. women's perception of the role of psychosocial stress in the development of coronary heart disease, Leslie Lockyer and David Robert Thompson

Athlete burnout in elite sport: A self-determination perspective, Christopher Sean Lonsdale, Ken Hodge, and Elaine A. Rose

Self-determined motivation and students' physical activity during structured physical education lessons and free choice periods, Christopher Sean Lonsdale, Catherine M. Sabiston, Thomas D. Raedeke, Amy S.C. Ha, and Raymond K.W. Sum

Inconsistent use of terminology in whole body vibration exercise research, Christian Hans Lorenzen, Wayne Maschette, Michael Koh, and Cameron Wilson

Relationship between velocity reached at VO2max and time-trial performances in elite australian rules footballers, Christian Hans Lorenzen, Morgan D. Williams, Paul S. Turk, Daniel Lawrence Meehan, and Daniel James Cicioni-Kolsky

Good, good, good vibrations, Hans Christian Lorenzen, Trentham Furness, and Wayne Edward Maschette

On being yourself in different cultures: Ideal and actual self-concept, autonomy support, and well-being in China, Russia, and the United States, Martin F. Lynch, Jennifer G. La Guardia, and Richard Michael Ryan

Whole-body vibration dosage alters leg blood flow, Noel Desmond Lythgo, Prisca Eser, Patricia De Groot, and Mary Galea

Predictors of time-based prospective memory in children, Rachael J. Mackinlay, Matthias Kliegel, and Timo Mantyla

On the development of harmonious and obsessive passion: The role of autonomy support, activity specialization, and identification with the activity, Genevieve A. Mageau, Robert J. Vallerand, Julie Charest, Sarah-Jeanne Salvy, Nathalie Lacaille, Therese Bouffard, and Richard Koestner

Assessment of physical self-concept in adolescents with intellectual disability: Content and factor validity of the very short form of the physical self-inventory, Christophe Maiano, Jerome Begarie, Alexandre Morin, and Gregory Ninot

The body image avoidance questionnaire: Assessment of its construct validity in a community sample of french adolescents, Christophe Maiano, Alexandre J.S. Morin, Johana Monthuy-Blanc, and Jean-Marie Garbarino

Eating disorders inventory: Assessment of its construct validity in a nonclinical French sample of adolescents, Christophe Maiano, Alexandre Morin, Johana Monthuy-Blanc, Jean-Marie Garbarino, and Yannick Stephan


Victorian farmers' and other rural outdoor workers' skin cancer prevention knowledge and practices, Jennifer K. Makin, Suzanne J. Dobbinson, and Colleen Joy Doyle

Physical fitness qualities of professional volleyball players: Determination of positional differences, Mario C. Marques, Ronald van den Tillaar, Timothy James Gabbett, Victor M. Reis, and Juan J. Gonzalez-Badillo


Mental health consumers' perceptions of receiving recovery-focused services, Sarah Louise Marshall, Lindsay G. Oades, and Trevor P. Crowe

Doubly-latent models of school contextual effects: Integrating multilevel and structural equation approaches to control measurement and sampling error, Herbert Warren Marsh, Oliver Ludtke, Alexander Robitzsch, Ulrich Trautwein, Tihomir Asparouhov, Bengt Muthen, and Benjamin Nagengast

Classical latent profile analysis of academic self-concept dimensions: Synergy of person- and variable-centered approaches to theoretical models of self-concept, Herbert Warren Marsh, Oliver Ludtke, Ulrich Trautwein, and Alexandre Morin

Exploratory structural equation modeling, integrating CFA and EFA: Application to students' evaluations of university teaching, Herbert Warren Marsh, Bengt Muthen, Tihomir Asparouhov, Oliver Ludtke, Alexander Robitzsch, Alexandre Morin, and Ulrich Trautwein

Academic resilience and academic buoyancy: Multidimensional and hierarchical conceptual framing of causes, correlates and cognate constructs, Andrew J. Martin and Herbert Warren Marsh

Use of a nurse-led intervention to optimize beta-blockade for reducing cardiac events after major noncardiac surgery, Thomas H. Marwick, Helen Branagan, Bala Venkatesh, and Simon Stewart


Getting what we need: families' experiences of services, Morag McArthur, Lorraine Thomson, Gail Winkworth, and Kate Butler

Excellence in regional stroke care: An evaluation of the implementation of a stroke care unit in regional Australia, Leanne McCann, Patrick Groot, Chris Charnley, and Anne Gardner

Repetition errors in habitual prospective memory: Elimination of age differences via complex actions or appropriate resource allocation, Mark A. McDaniel, Julie M. Bugg, Grit M. Ramuschkat, Matthias Kliegel, and Gilles O. Einstein

Test-retest reliability of a 1-min walk test in children with bilateral spastic cerebral palsy (BSCP), Brona C. McDowell, Lee Humphreys, Claire Frances Kerr, and Mike Stevenson


Residential aged-care workers and the palliative approach: Tensions in the field, Frances McInerney, Rosemary Ford, Angela Simpson, and Michelle Willison

Residential aged-care workers and the palliative approach: Tensions in the field, Frances Julia McInerney, Rosemary Ford, Angela Simpson, and Michelle Willison


Reading vocabulary influences in phonological recoding during the development of reading skill: A re-examination of theory and practice, Michael F. McKay and Brian Thompson


Heart failure in the UK, J. J.V. McMurray, Pardeep Jhund, Kate MacIntyre, and Simon Stewart


Stabilising the hip and pelvis during running :Is there an explosive solution for uninjured athletes?, Daniel Lawrence Meehan, Morgan David Williams, Cameron John Wilson, and Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw

Fever, hyperglycaemia and swallowing dysfunction management in acute stroke: A cluster randomised controlled trial of knowledge transfer, Sandy Middleton, Christopher Levi, Jeanette Ward, Jeremy Grimshaw, Rhonda Griffiths, Catherine D'Este, Simeon Dale, N. Wah Cheung, Clare Quinn, Malcolm Evans, and Dominique Cadihac

Why fellowship? Peak professional bodies, peer recognition and credentialing in Australia, Sandy Middleton, Kim Walker, and Trina Leigh

Long term developmental impact of social withdrawal in infants, Lisa Clare Milne, Phillip Greenway, Antoine Guedeney, and Beatice Larroque


Structural covariance in the hallucinating brain: A voxel-based morphometry study, Gemma Modinos, Ans Vercammen, Andrea Mechelli, Henderikus Knegtering, Paul K.W. McGuire, and Andre Aleman


Lexical-semantic immaturities manifesting as grammatical disorders: Evidence from a child language sample, Zaneta Wei Yan Mok and Peter F. Kipka

A meta-analytic path analysis of the internal/ external frame of reference model of academic achievement and academic self-concept, Jens Moller, Britta Pohlmann, Olaf Koller, and Herbert Warren Marsh

Drawing the experience of chronic vaginal thrush and complementary and alternative medicine, Michelle Morgan, Frances Julia McInerney, Jean Rumbold, and Pranee Liamputtong


Drawing the experience of chronic vaginal thrush and complementary and alternative medicine, Michelle Morgan, Frances McInerney, Jean Rumbold, and Pranee Liamputtong

Multiple targets of workplace affective commitment: Factor structure and measurement invariance of the Workplace Affective Commitment Multidimensional Questionnaire, Alexandre Morin, Isabelle Madore, Julien Morizot, Jean-Sebastien Boudrias, and Michel Tremblay

Education and trajectories of cognitive decline over 9 years in very old people: Methods and risk analysis, Graciela Muniz-Terrera, Fiona E. Matthews, Tom Dening, Felicia A. Huppert, and Carol Brayne


Nature's Clocks and Human Mood : The Circadian System Modulates Reward Motivation, Greg Murray, Christian Nicholas, Jan Kleiman, Robyn Dwyer, Melinda Carrington, Nicholas Allen, and John Trinder


Nature's clocks and human mood: The circadian system modulates reward motivation, Greg Murray, Christian Nicholas, Jan Kleiman, Robyn Dwyer, Melinda Carrington, Nicholas Allen, and John Trinder

The impact of episodic and chronic poverty on child cognitive development, Jake M. Najman, Mohammad R. Hayatbakhsh, Michelle Ann Heron, William Bor, Michael J. O'Callaghan, and Gail M. Williams


GPs' concerns about medicolegal issues: How it affects their practice, Louise Nash, Merrilyn Walton, Michele Daly, Maree Johnson, Garry Walter, Elizabeth van Ekert, Simon Willcock, and Chris Tennant

Biomechanics and consultancy :Sports, clinical and exercise applications, Kevin Netto, Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw, and Anna Murphy

Autonomy, competence, and relatedness in the classroom: Applying self-determination theory to educational practice, Christopher P. Niemiec and Richard Michael Ryan

The path taken: Consequences of attaining intrinsic and extrinsic aspirations in post-college life, Christopher P. Niemiec, Richard Michael Ryan, and Edward L. Deci

Aspiring to physical health: The role of aspirations for physical health in facilitating long-term tobacco abstinence, Christopher P. Niemiec, Richard Michael Ryan, Edward L. Deci, and Geoffrey C. Williams

Changing the mindset: An inter-disciplinary approach to management of bariatric patient, Tracy Nowicki, Cheryl Burns, Paul Richard Fulbrook, and Jacqueline Jones

How do you safely mobilise your intubated and ventilated patient?, George Ntoumenopoulos

Managing secretions in the ventilated patient: The role of humidification, suction, physiotherapy, mucolytics and airway adjuncts, George Ntoumenopoulos

Facilitation of responses to degraded targets by non-degraded distractors, Barbara Brenda Ocampo and Ada Kritikos

Connecting masculinities and physical activity among senior South Asian Canadian immigrant men, John L. Oliffe, S. Grewal, Joan Lorraine Bottorff, T. Gregory Hislop, M. J. Phillips, J. Dhesi, and H. B.K. Kang

Connecting humor, health, and masculinities at prostate cancer support groups, John L. Oliffe, John Ogrodniczuk, Joan Lorraine Bottorff, T. Gregory Hislop, and Michael Halpin

Spaced retrieval significantly improves prospective memory performance of cognitively impaired older adults, Sesil Ozgis, Peter Gregory Rendell, and Julie D. Henry

Clinical supervision: An interdisciplinary review of literature with implications for reflective practice in social work, Margaret Jane Pack

Mobility experiences of adolescents with cerebral palsy, Robert J. Palisano, Lorie J. Shimmell, Debra A. Stewart, John J. Lawless, Peter L. Rosenbaum, and Dianne J. Russell

Resisting gender-bias: Insights from Western Australian middle-level women nurses, Helen Pannowitz, Narelle Elizabeth Glass, and Kierrynn Davis


Drinking and future thinking: acute effects of alcohol on prospective memory and future simulation, Theadora Paraskevaides, Celia JA Morgan, Julie R. Leitz, James A. Bisby, Peter G. Rendell, and H Valerie Curran


Coping and buoyancy in the workplace: Understanding their effects on teachers' work-related well-being and engagement, Philip D. Parker and Andrew J. Martin

Gait variability in younger and older adult women is altered by overground walking protocol, Kade L. Paterson, Noel D. Lythgo, and Keith D. Hill

Swallowing performance in patients with head and neck cancer: A simple clinical test, Joanne M. Patterson, Elaine McColl, Paul Nicholas Carding, Charles G. Kelly, and Janet A. Wilson

A randomized controlled trial of group cognitive-behavioral therapy vs enhanced supportive therapy for auditory hallucinations, David L. Penn, Piper S. Meyer, Elizabeth Serex Evans, Robert J. Wirth, Karen Cai, and Margaret R. Burchinal

Mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow of diabetic patients portrait unique markers influenced by the diabetic microenvironment, Smruti M. Phadnis, Surendra M. Ghaskadbi, Anandwardhan A. Hardikar, and Ramesh R. Bhonde

Passion in referees: Examining their affective and cognitive experiences in sport situations, Frederick L. Philippe, Robert J. Vallerand, Joeline Andrianarisoa, and Philippe Brunel

Passion does make a difference in people's lives: A look at well-being in passionate and non-passionate individuals, Frederick L. Philippe, Robert J. Vallerand, and Genevieve L. Lavigne

Passion for driving and aggressive driving behavior: A look at their relationship, Frederick L. Philippe, Robert J. Vallerand, Isabelle Richer, Evelyne Vallieres, and Jacques Bergeron

Mind body medicine: A conceptual (re) synthesis, Paul Posadzki and Narelle Elizabeth Glass

Self-efficacy and the sense of coherence: Narrative review and a conceptual synthesis, Paul Posadzki and Narelle Elizabeth Glass

Opting in and opting out: A grounded theory of nursing's contribution to inpatient rehabilitation, Julie Pryor, Annette Walker, Beverley O'Connell, and Linda Worrall-Carter

The motivating role of violence in video games, Andrew K. Przybylski, Richard Michael Ryan, and C. Scott Rigby

Having to versus wanting to play: Background and consequences of harmonious versus obsessive engagement in video games, Andrew K. Przybylski, Netta Weinstein, Richard Michael Ryan, and C. Scott Rigby

Counteracting ambivalence: Nurses who smoke and their health promotion role with patients who smoke, Jenny Radsma and Joan Lorraine Bottorff

A specific inpatient aquatic physiotherapy program improves strength after total hip or knee replacement: A randomised controlled trial, Ann Elizabeth Rahmann, Sandra G. Brauer, and Jennifer C. Nitz

A brief self-administered psychological intervention to improve well-being in patients with cancer: Results from a feasibility study, Pranathi Ramachandra, Sara Booth, Thirza Pieters, Kalliopi Vrotsou, and Felicia Huppert

Development of an interactive nutrition education website for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, Amutha Ramadas, Kia Fatt Quek, Carina Ka Yee Chan, Zanariah Hussain, and Brian Oldenburg

The effect of continuing professional education on health care outcomes: Lessons for dementia care, Rasika Rampatige, David Dunt, Colleen Joy Doyle, Susan Day, and Pauline van Dort

The development and validation of the pictorial motivation scale in physical activity, Greg Reid, Robert J. Vallerand, Carole Poulin, and Peter Crocker