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Aim: The striated muscle activator of Rho signalling (STARS) is a muscle-specific actin-binding protein. The STARS signalling pathway is activated by resistance exercise and is anticipated to play a role in signal mechan-otransduction. Animal studies have reported a negative regulation of STARS signalling with age, but such regulation has not been investigated in humans. Methods: Ten young (18–30 years) and 10 older (60–75 years) subjects completed an acute bout of resistance exercise. Gene and protein expres-sion of members of the STARS signalling pathway and miRNA expression of a subset of miRNAs, predicted or known to target members of STARS signalling pathway, were measured in muscle biopsies collected pre-exer-cise and 2 h post-exercise. Results: For the first time, we report a significant downregulation of the STARS protein in older subjects. However, there was no effect of age on the magnitude of STARS activation in response to an acute bout of exer-cise. Finally, we established that miR-628-5p, a miRNA regulated by age and exercise, binds to the STARS 3’UTR to directly downregulate its tran-scription. Conclusion: This study describes for the first time the resistance exercise-induced regulation of STARS signalling in skeletal muscle from older humans and identifies a new miRNA involved in the transcriptional con-trol of STARS.


Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research

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