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The Model of Positive Education is a flexible, science-informed framework for supporting the flourishing of students, staff, and school communities. This chapter explores the primary objective of Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School, namely learning to flourish. It is introduced by Professor Felicia Huppert, who explains how mental health and wellbeing exist on a spectrum from languishing to flourishing, and then discusses the empirical basis of flourishing and the understanding of optimal wellbeing as both feeling good and functioning well. The school’s definition of flourishing as “feeling good and doing good” is proposed, and it is emphasized that Positive Education encourages students and staff to think of how their actions can have positive consequences for others and the community. The chapter also discusses the vital role that building awareness around mental illness, and supporting students and staff who are struggling, plays in creating a nurturing and caring school community.


Institute for Positive Psychology and Education

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