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The purpose of this research was to shed light on the paradoxical relationships between perfectionism and academic adjustment. It was proposed that the positive relationship between self-oriented perfectionism (SOP) and academic adjustment is due to harmonious passion (HP) for one's studies, which triggers positive affect. Conversely, it is proposed obsessive passion (OP) for studies, through negative affect, mediates the negative relationship of both SOP and socially prescribed perfectionism (SPP) with academic adjustment. These hypotheses were supported in two studies. Furthermore, Study 2 revealed that the positive effects of SOP are due to striving for perfection, a facet of SOP (Campbell & Di Paula, 2002). In contrast, the negative relationship between SOP and academic adjustment is due to the importance of being perfect (another facet of SOP). Results provide insights on the role of perfectionism in academic adjustment and yield implications for the field of educational psychology.


Institute for Positive Psychology and Education

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