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In this era of relentless change, explosion of information, and proliferation of technological innovations, it is too simplistic to think that teachers can teach their students everything they need to know in their lifetime. In a world filled with problems that require complex solutions, and issues that are not documented in books and manuals, it is naive to attempt to “drill” and “discipline” students so that they know the “correct” answers. With this reality check, we need to take a cold hard look at what we do in classrooms and schools when we educate our students. We are doing a disservice to our students if we teach content and routines that become obsolete or impart skills that are not transferable. But more importantly, we are shortchanging our students if we champion learning processes that do not impact on life-wide learning, create learning environments that do not encourage self-determination, and develop students who do not have the drive to learn independently. “The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life.” – Plato


Institute for Positive Psychology and Education

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