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This study examined the therapeutic effects of sharing Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory—2 (MMPI-2) assessment results with clients. It is based on an earlier study by S. E. Finn and M. E. Tonsager (1992). Participants were 60 university students seeking psychological services from a university counseling service. All participants completed the MMPI-2 and several outcome measures. Within 2 weeks of completing the assessment, clients in the experimental group received test feedback, using a collaborative model developed by S. E. Finn (1996). Clients in the control group received test feedback only after having completed the final outcome measures and following a delay of 1 week. Compared with the control group, those who received test feedback within the time frame of the experimental conditions reported a significant increase in self-esteem immediately following the feedback session and a significant decrease in symptomatic distress at a 2-week follow-up. Overall, the findings provide further evidence for the efficacy of psychological assessment as an effective therapeutic intervention

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