Effect of high-speed mixing on properties of high calcium fly ash geopolymer paste

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Geopolymers are produced by mixing alumino-silicate materials with alkaline activators, and the mixing process has a considerable impact on the dissolution of raw materials. This research studies the effects of mixing time, with a high-speed centrifuge mixer (1,000 rpm), on the setting and hardening properties of high calcium fly ash-based geopolymer paste. Setting time, strength, phase development, microstructure and porosity of the pastes were investigated. The results indicated that the increase in mixing time retarded the setting time which provided time for dissolution of starting materials. The optimum mixing time at high speed should be 1 min in order to obtain high strength and dense matrix in contrast to 10 min for the normal mixing. The mixing time also had an effect on the pore structure hence the total porosity of the paste.

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