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Background: Breaking Free from OCD is a cognitive behavioural self-help book for young people with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). The book is written for 11–16 year olds as a first step intervention for reducing mild to moderate symptoms of OCD. Aims: This report describes a preliminary evaluation of the feasibility and acceptability of the book as a self-help intervention. Method: Using a case-series design, eight 11–16 year olds with OCD were monitored for symptom stability 3 weeks prior to receiving Breaking Free from OCD for use over an 8-week period. Weekly telephone calls were received to complete the CY-BOCS for symptom severity and to monitor adherence to the intervention. The CHOCI and SDQ were sent to participants and their parents pre-, mid- and post-intervention. Results: There was a significant reduction in CY-BOCS symptom severity over the course of the intervention; however, there were no statistically significant changes on the self-report measures. The intervention was well received by the majority of young people who took part. Conclusions:Breaking Free from OCD may help young people with OCD and is an acceptable low intensity intervention. This evaluation is the first step in developing low intensity approaches for child OCD.


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