Creative organizational climate of schools, general self-efficacy, creativity self-efficacy, and cultural efficacy of teachers

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The aim of the present study is to examine the characteristics of the creative organizational climate of Chinese schools, teachers’ general self-efficacy, creativity self-efficacy and cultural efficacy of own culture and to analyse the relations between these four core variables. Our analyses revealed significant teaching duration differences, age differences and a significant two-way school × teaching subject interaction in creative organizational climate as well as significant gender difference in general self-efficacy. Results of a path analysis revealed significant path coefficients were from creative organizational climate to cultural efficacy of own culture, general self-efficacy, from general self-efficacy to cultural efficacy of own culture and creativity self-efficacy, and from cultural efficacy of own culture to creativity self-efficacy. Analyses only revealed evidence for an indirect pathway from creative organizational climate to creativity self-efficacy. Results suggest the development of interventions to increase creative organizational climate and enhance general self-efficacy in educational practices.


Institute for Positive Psychology and Education

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