Amateur rugby league match injuries in New Zealand

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Objectives: To describe the incidence, site, nature, severity and pattern of injuries in amateur male rugby league in New Zealand, and to compare these with other research findings. Methods: A prospective cohort study was conducted on a premier level rugby league team in a division II domestic competition over one year. All injuries sustained during matches were recorded using a standardised injury reporting form. Injury data was collected from 17 matches. Information recorded included the date, time, player position, site, nature, cause and severity of injury. Results: A total of 206 match injuries were recorded. The total injury incidence was 700 per 1000 playing hours. The incidence of injuries resulting in missed matches was 193 per 1000 playing hours. Conclusion: The overall incidence of match injuries in the present study was significantly higher than those previously reported for amateur rugby league competitions. Changes in training volume and intensity towards the second half of the season, in combination with social stressors and an inadequate recovery period may explain the increasing injury incidence as the season progressed. Further studies of the relationship between stress, recovery, and injury incidence are warranted.

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