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Aim This cross-sectional study explores associations between migrant Indian mothers' use of controlling feeding practices (pressure to eat, restriction and monitoring) and their concerns and perceptions regarding their children's weight and picky eating behaviour. Methods A total of 230 mothers with children aged 1–5 years, residing in Australia for 1–8 years, participated by completing a self-reported questionnaire. Results Perceptions and concerns regarding children's weight were not associated with any of the controlling feeding practices. A positive association was noted between pressure-feeding and perceptions of pickiness after adjusting for covariates: children's age, gender and weight-for-age Z-score. Girls, older children, and children with higher weight-for-age Z-scores were pressure-fed to a greater extent. Conclusions This study supports the generalisation of findings from Caucasian literature that pressure-feeding and perceptions of pickiness are positively related.

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