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A recent trend in commitment research has been to use person-centered analytic strategies to identify homogeneous subgroups with varying configurations of commitment mindsets (affective, normative, continuance) or targets (e.g., organization, supervisor, team). A person-centered approach takes a more holistic perspective than the traditional variable-centered approach and can reflect potentially complex interactions among commitment mindsets and/or targets. We extend application of the person-centered approach to investigate profiles of commitment to two interrelated targets, the organization and supervisor, in two studies (Ns = 481 and 264) involving Belgian university graduates. Using latent profile analyses, we found that a similar 5-profile model fit best in both studies. The mindset pattern for the two targets was similar for some profile groups, but differed for others. The groups differed on perceived organizational and supervisory support and voluntary turnover largely as expected from commitment and support theory. Implications for future research and management practice are discussed.


Institute for Positive Psychology and Education

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