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The uptake of evidence into practice may be impeded or facilitated by individual and organisational factors within the local context. This study investigated Nurse Managers’ of New South Wales, Australian, Stroke Units (n=19) views on: leadership ability (measured by the Leadership Practices Inventory), organisational learning (measured by the Organisational Learning Survey), attitudes and beliefs toward evidence-based practice (EBP) and readiness for change. Overall Nurse Managers reported high level leadership skills and a culture of learning. Nurse Managers’ attitude towards EBP was positive, although nursing colleague’s attitudes were perceived as less positive. Nurse Managers agreed that implementing evidence in practice places additional demands on staff; and almost half (n=9, 47%) reported that resources were not available for evidence implementation. The findings indicate that Nurse Managers require organisational support and resources to address barriers and facilitate EBP following stroke.


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