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The Dualistic Model of Passion posits the existence of two types of passion, namely harmonious and obsessive passion. These two types of passion have been assessed through the Passion Scale. This scale has been validated in French and English and translated in several languages. The purpose of the present research was to translate and validate it in Chinese. To this end, 286 Chinese university students completed an online questionnaire in Chinese that contained the Passion Scale, the passion criteria, as well as measures of flow and positive and negative affect. Results provided support for the two-factor structure of the Passion Scale in Chinese and for the high reliability for both subscales (αHP=0.86αHP=0.86; αOP=0.82αOP=0.82). Furthermore, correlations between the harmonious and obsessive passion subscales and the passion criteria and flow and affect scales supported the convergent and divergent validity of the Chinese Passion Scale. Overall, these findings suggest that the Passion scale can be used in future research with Chinese participants.


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