Enhancing playful teachers' perception of the importance of ICT use in the classroom : The role of risk taking as a mediator

A. Goodwin
Ee Low
Pak Ng
Alexander Yeung
Li Cai


In today’s world, teaching and learning processes inevitably involve the application of information and communication technology (ICT). It seems reasonable to expect personal attributes such as cognitive playfulness to be associated with consistent application of ICT. Using survey responses from Singapore students in a teacher education programme (n = 450), structural equation modelling (SEM) found that the effect of cognitive playfulness on the perceived importance of ICT was mediated by risk taking orientation, but the mediation effect was not observed with perceived competence in ICT use. Academic self-concept had negligible relation with the two ICT variables. As personal attributes may not be malleable whereas risk taking orientation can be nurtured, the mediating role of risk taking implies a useful direction for teacher education to enhance student teachers’ risk taking attitudes for promoting the application of modern technologies as pedagogical tools in schools.