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With many nutraceutical interventions designed to slow cognitive aging, there is a need for computerised tests that can detect small cognitive changes that may occur in response to these interventions. A battery of 13 computerised cognitive tasks was developed to capture the range of cognitive functions that decline with age. One hundred and twenty adults aged 21 to 86 years, with a MMSE score >27 completed the test battery. Accuracy and response time were measured. Regression analysis revealed age-related decrements in cognitive performance for all tasks. Performance accuracy for the Spatial Working Memory task and speed of response for Spatial Working Memory, Contextual Memory and Immediate Recognition tasks showed the greatest age-related decline. The tasks showed good test-retest reliability and correlated with other commonly used neuropsychological tests in aging research. With the sensitivity of this cognitive test battery to aging, it may be useful in future studies investigating cognitive improvements in response to nutraceutical interventions in older adults.

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