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  1. Carcinogenesis arises from the malfunction of genes that control cell growth and division. Therefore, the most effective method of hindering tumourigenesis is to induce the death of immortalized cancer cells.
  2. Apoptosis or programmed cell death has shown the most promises in impairing cancer growth. A variety of proteins is involved in the regulation of apoptosis and the malfunction of any these regulators may cause cell proliferation.
  3. The microRNAs have been shown to play a central role in the regulation of the cell cycle, including apoptosis. The microRNAs are involved in post‐transcriptional gene suppression and have been implicated in the regulation of cell differentiation and development.
  4. Aberrations in the microRNA regulation of apoptosis lead to tumourigenesis.
  5. The present review assesses the current knowledge of apoptotic regulation in cancer and the effect of microRNA aberrations in tumourigenesis.


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