Why Dick Fosbury flopped and answers to other big sporting questions

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Following up on the success of Run Like You Stole Something, Why Dick Fosbury Flopped looks at sporting technologies and techniques from a popular science perspective, and discusses current-day sports science issues from an historical bent. The many informative, weird and fantastic anecdotes will provide entertaining reading for sports fans of all levels of experience and knowledge.
The authors answer some really big sporting questions: * What did Dick do to have a flop named after him? * How did the golf ball get its dimples? * Upon which great and disastrous attempts from past decades are today's records built? * How would the great sporting names and the great events of the past match up on today's stage? * How have athletes' bodies changed over time? * What effects have performance enhancing drugs and drug tests had on world records?
If you want to win friends and influence people with impressive explanations of amazing human feats and quirky facts about sporting paraphernalia, you need this book.


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