The Faculty of Education and Arts brings together the National School of Education’s strong reputation in teacher education, leadership and religious education with the vibrant arts, humanities and social science programs of the National School of Arts.


Submissions from 2003


Cross-national validation of the What is Happening in this Class? (WIHIC) questionnaire using confirmatory factor analysis, Jeffrey Dorman

Intelligent agents in an e-literate society: Some ethical considerations, Carolyn Dowling

Preserving the human quality in education at a distance, Carolyn Dowling


The role of the human teacher in learning environments of the future, Carolyn Dowling

Leadership challenges and ethical dilemmas in front-line organisations, Patrick Augustine Duignan and Victoria Collins

Equal subjects; unequal rights: Indigenous peoples in British settler colonies; 1830s - 1910, Julie Evans, Patricia Grimshaw, David Philips, and Shurlee Lesley Swain

A last resort, Raimond Gaita


Technology-enriched classrooms: Some implications for teaching applications and modelling, Peter Galbraith, Peter Renshaw, Merrilyn Goos, and Vince Geiger


What Students Say: Analysis of Structured Survey Data in Relation to Technology and Mathematics, Vince Geiger


Choosing and using technology for secondary mathematical modelling tasks: Choosing the right peg for the right hole, Vince Geiger, Peter Galbraith, Peter Renshaw, and Merrilyn Goos


Difficulties children face when learning to count, Ann Maree Gervasoni

Key transitions in counting development for young children who experience difficulty, Ann Maree Gervasoni


Relationships between Religion and the Creative Arts: Foundations for a creative arts approach to religious education., Peta Goldburg


Religious artefacts in the religion classroom, Peta Goldburg


Perspectives on technology mediated learning in secondary school mathematics classrooms, Merrilyn Goos, Peter Galbraith, Peter Renshaw, and Vince Geiger

Revisiting the Australian child: Nick Earl's 48 Shades of Brown, Anna Fienberg's Borrowed Light and Helen Barnes's Killing Aurora, Margot Hillel

A little child shall lead them: The child as redeemer, Margot Lesley Hillel

Gender differences in the early years in addition and subtraction, Marjorie Horne

Hunting Peter Hore with pigeons, Alex Kershaw

Hunting Peter Hore with pigeons, Alex Kershaw

The impact of teachers' understanding of division on their students' knowledge of division, Janeen Therese Lamb


Investigating the nature of the student experience online: Social engagement factors, Joe Luca and Catherine E. McLoughlin


Making teamwork equitable with online technology: A case study, Joe Luca and Catherine E. McLoughlin


Assessment online: New horizons and blue skies, Linda Marshall, Maria Northcote, and Catherine E. McLoughlin

Fallen sky, Nerine Martini

Fallen sky, Nerine Martini

Slug poems, Nerine Martini

Slug poems, Nerine Martini


Working together to enhance Australian Aboriginal students' mathematics learning, Sue Matthews, Peter Howard, and Joseph Robert Perry

Describing the practice of effective teachers of mathematics in the early years, Andrea Mary McDonough and Doug McLean Clarke


Cynosure, Timothy McKenry

Broadening assessment strategies with information technology, Catherine McLoughlin

Perspectives on the quality of online education: New conceptions of curriculum, student roles and learning, Catherine E. McLoughlin

How does the quality debate relate to the nature of the student experience online?, Catherine E. McLoughlin


Using the web to support lifelong learning: Improving access through recognition of prior learning, Catherine E. McLoughlin

Even foundation level students gets the hots for science, Catherine E. McLoughlin and Rowan Hollingworth

Exploring a hidden dimension of online quality: Metacognitive skill development, Catherine E. McLoughlin and Rowan Hollingworth


Overcoming process blindness in the design of an online unit, Catherine E. McLoughlin and Joe Luca

Peers supporting peers through structured bulletin boards, Catherine E. McLoughlin and Joe Luca


Can reflective and executive control skills be fostered online?, Catherine E. McLoughlin and Joe Luca


Global perspectives on quality in online higher education, Catherine E. McLoughlin and Anthony Jeen Visser


Quality e-learning: Are there universal indicators?, Catherine E. McLoughlin and Anthony Jeen Visser

Pedagogical designs for scalable and sustainable online learning, Catherine McLoughlin and Ron Oliver


Count me in too and the basic skills test in NSW, Michael Mitchelmore and Paul White

Teaching angles by abstraction from physical activities with concrete materials, Michael Mitchelmore and Paul White

Pathways: Incentives and barriers for women applying to principalship in Australian Catholic schools, Helga Neidhart and Paul Clement Carlin

To apply or not to apply: Incentives and disincentives to principal application, Helga Neidhart and Paul Clement Carlin

Year 12 students as leaders: An exclusive approach, Helga Neidhart and Shane Lavery

Displacing indigenous Australians: Freud’s totem and taboo, Marguerite Rose Nolan

Identity crises and orphaned rewritings, Marguerite Rose Nolan

Validation of an instrument used to determine teacher's views of science in secondary schools in Queensland, Barbara Marguerite Odgers

Mathematics in Indigenous contexts: A case study, Joseph Robert Perry, Peter Howard, Kevin Lowe, Anthony McKnight, and Suzanne Ziems


Links between beliefs of pre-service teachers about literacy and numeracy learning, Anne Scott

Loveletter, Jeannette Siebols

Loveletter, Jeannette Siebols

Song of the Earth, Jeannette Siebols

Song of the Earth, Jeannette Siebols

Tabula Rasa II, Jeannette Siebols


Framing leadership in Queensland Catholic schools, Veronica Gayle Spry and Patrick Augustine Duignan

Numerous enough to swamp the votes of honest white': The indigenous franchise in Canada, Shurlee Lesley Swain

Cooperative learning and objective-oriented methods, Theda Thomas


Working with diverse students: Can lessons learnt in South Africa be applicable in Pan-Pacific region?, Theda Thomas

Automation: The scientific management of clean logic, Penelope Trotter

Cantate Domino, Andrew Wailes

From the beginning, Andrew Wailes

Learning for life, Maureen Patricia Walsh, Judith Dorothy Chapman, Jacqueline McGilp, Ron Toomey, and Elizabeth Anne Warren

162 lotus flowers, Lachlan Phillip Warner

4 Buddha Rupas, Lachlan Phillip Warner

Buddha Rupa, Lachlan Phillip Warner

Puja for safe passage: Shrine for the 6 murders, Lachlan Phillip Warner

Shrine for the 6 murders, Lachlan Phillip Warner


Number combinations and arithmetic structure: Implications for early algebra, Elizabeth Anne Warren

Young children's understanding of equals: A longitudinal study, Elizabeth Anne Warren

Collaboration and sharing as crucial elements of professional development, Elizabeth Anne Warren, Stephen Nisbet, and Tom Cooper

Struggling to be human, Greer White and Veronica Gayle Spry


Putting children’s services in their place: A call for universal children’s services to prevent child abuse and neglect in Australia, Gail Winkworth


Parent Partnerships in Primary Schools :An Emerging Model, Janelle Patricia You, g, and E. Warren


Predicting patterns of early literacy achievement: A longitudinal study, Janelle Patricia Young

Lifelong learning and adult education: Russia meets the west, Joseph Zajda

Ethnicities, minorities and indigenous groups in central Asia, Joseph Zajda and Rea Zajda

The Politics of Rewriting History: New History Textbooks and Curriculum Materials in Russia, Joseph Zajda and Rea Zajda

Submissions from 2002

Technology teacher education: Is it time to do a Maslow?, John Barlow

Rapt, Julie Bartholomew

Spin series, Julie Bartholomew

'But what about the learning?' Does any learning take place in the Teaching learning Consortium?, Margaret Helen Beck

Promoting the professional growth of pre-service teachers through community-based learning, Carolyn Broadbent


Stop the bus I want to get off: Academics coping in a time of uncertainty, Carolyn Broadbent

Don't judge a book by its cover: Uncovering the riches contained within discussion forum message postings, Gary Brown and James Martin Maguire

Unfinished drawing projects, Peter Burgess

Creating a new vision: Cross cultural partnerships in the field another problematic?, Jude Butcher, Judith Parker, and Peter Harney


A tale that fiction would envy: Naturalistic inquiry methods in the visual arts, Judith Stephanie Carroll

Behind appearances: The many faces of discipline based art education, Judith Stephanie Carroll

Local partnerships in the early childhood field: The importance of context, Sue Dockett, Joseph Robert Perry, and Peter Howard

Researching the field: An experience in early childhood education, Sue Dockett, Joseph Robert Perry, and Peter Howard

Lifelong learning for teachers: Rhetoric or reality?, Allan John Doring

Development and validation of the extended practicum learning environment inventory, Jeffrey Paul Dorman and Joy Kennedy

Agent technologies in the electronic classroom: Some pedagogical issues, Carolyn Dowling

Choice and responsibility: The delegation of decision making to intelligent software agents, Carolyn Dowling

Researching agent aechnologies in the electronic classroom, Carolyn Dowling

Software agents and the 'human factor' in the electronic classroom, Carolyn Dowling