The Faculty of Education and Arts brings together the National School of Education’s strong reputation in teacher education, leadership and religious education with the vibrant arts, humanities and social science programs of the National School of Arts.


Submissions from 2002


Researching quality :what does it mean for curriculum and assessment in e-learning environments?, Catherine McLoughlin

Bridge over troubled water :creating effective online support for the megacognitive aspects of problem solving, Catherine McLoughlin and Rowan Hollingworth

Enhancing the quality of the student experience online :Revising the imperative of learning as socially based, Catherine McLoughlin and Joe Luca


Keeping an anchor watch :Industry partnerships as a basis for learning, Catherine McLoughlin and Joe Luca

Great expectations :Can the quality of teaching and learning be improved through academic development programs?, Catherine McLoughlin and Curtis Samuels


Student difficulties in abstracting angle concepts from physical activities with concrete materials, Michael Mitchelmore, Anne Prescott, and Paul White


Education as encounter, John Ozolins

A systemic program for students who are experiencing difficulty with mathematics, Joseph Robert Perry and Peter Howard

Beliefs of primary teachers about mathematics and its teaching and learning, Joseph Robert Perry, Catherine Vistro-Yu, Peter Howard, Ngai-Ying Wong, and Fong Ho Keowg


The Vital Brush, Jeannette Siebols


But the children ... Indigenous Child Removal Policies Compared, Shurlee Lesley Swain

Egg Faced Girl, Penelope Trotter

How to Dance Like a 1950's Robot Teacher, Penelope Trotter


The Theatrics of Cloning: The recent paintings of Juan Ford, Penelope Trotter

Wizard of the Thunderdome, Penelope Trotter

Why swallow the silicon snake oil? :Mainstreaming online learning in teacher education, Anthony Jeen Visser and James Arthur Woolford

Field of Buddhas, Lachlan Phillip Warner

Sequence on Prostration, Lachlan Phillip Warner

Arithmetic and quasi-variables :A year 2 lesson to introduce algebra in the early years, Elizabeth Anne Warren

Bone of my Bones; Flesh of my Flesh: A brief history of the Clone in Science Fiction, Janeen Suzanne Webb

Teaching and Learning in Mathematics by Abstraction, Paul White and Michael Mitchelmore

Literacy and numeracy in the home :Parents supporting children's learning, Janelle Patricia Young and Elizabeth Anne Warren

Submissions from 2001


Understanding assessing and developing young children's mathematical thinking: Research as a powerful tool for professional growth, Doug Clarke


The meanings of close friendship: The views of four people with intellectual disabilities, Marie Knox and Fay Hickson

The Consequences of Childhood Peer Rejection, Patricia McDougall, Shelley Hymel, Tracy Vaillancourt, and Kay Louise Mercer


Teacher induction and elementary science teaching: Enhancing self-efficacy, Judith Anne Mulholland and John Paul Wallace

Monster Politics, Penelope Trotter

Submissions from 2000


Policing the modern woman in Republican China, Louise Edwards


Working with the experts: Collaborative research with people with an intellectual disability, Marie Knox, Magdalena Mo Ching Mok, and Trevor R. Parmenter


Family control: The views of families who have a child with an intellectual disability, Marie Knox, Trevor R. Parmenter, Noel Atkinson, and Marie L. Yazbeck


Cricket fast bowling performance and technique and the influence of selected physical factors during an 8-over spell, Marc R. Portus, Peter J. Sinclair, Stephen Thomas Burke, David J. A. Moore, and Patrick J. Farhart

Submissions from 1999


Why is self-knowledge different from other kinds of knowledge, Akeel Bilgrami

Submissions from 1996


Measuring the quality of academic journals: The case of economics, Clive Beed and Cara Beed


The relationship between racial attitudes and social-cognitive development in children: An Australian study, Dasia Black-Gutman and Fay Hickson

Submissions from 1995

Non-English speaking background (NESB) workers literacies: A workplace health and safety issue, Claire Maree Wyatt-Smith and Geraldine Castleton

Submissions from 1989

Discussions of the findings, Bonnie Meyer, Carol Young, and Brendan Bartlett

Background literature in aging and reading, Bonnie Meyer, Carole Young, and Brendan Bartlett

Findings from the study, Bonnie Meyer, Carole Young, and Brendan Bartlett

Introduction and rationale for the study, Bonnie Meyer, Carole Young, and Brendan Bartlett


Method for the evaluation study, Bonnie Meyer, Carole Young, and Brendan Bartlett