The Faculty of Education and Arts brings together the National School of Education’s strong reputation in teacher education, leadership and religious education with the vibrant arts, humanities and social science programs of the National School of Arts.


Submissions from 2003


Working Together to Enhance Australian Aboriginal Students' Mathematics Learning, Sue Matthews, Peter Howard, and Joseph Robert Perry

Describing the practice of effective teachers of mathematics in the early years, Andrea Mary McDonough and Douglas McLean Clarke


Cynosure, Timothy McKenry

How does the quality debate relate to the nature of the student experience online?, Catherine McLoughlin

Perspectives on the Quality of Online Education :New Conceptions of Curriculum; Student Roles and Learning, Catherine McLoughlin


Using the Web to Support Lifelong Learning :Improving access through recognition of prior learning, Catherine McLoughlin

Even foundation level students gets the hots for science, Catherine McLoughlin and Rowan Hollingworth

Exploring a Hidden Dimension of Online Quality :Metacognitive Skill Development, Catherine McLoughlin and Rowan Hollingworth


Can reflective and executive control skills be fostered online?, Catherine McLoughlin and Joe Luca


Overcoming Process Blindness in the Design of an Online Unit, Catherine McLoughlin and Joe Luca

Peers supporting peers through structured bulletin boards, Catherine McLoughlin and Joe Luca


Quality E-Learning :Are there Universal Indicators?, Catherine McLoughlin and Anthony Jeen Visser

Count Me In Too and the Basic Skills Test in NSW, Michael Mitchelmore and Paul White

Teaching Angles by Abstraction from Physical Activities with concrete materials, Michael Mitchelmore and Paul White

Pathways :incentives and barriers for women applying to principalship in Australian Catholic schools, Helga Neidhart and Paul Clement Carlin

To apply or not to apply :Incentives and Disincentives to Principal Application, Helga Neidhart and Paul Clement Carlin

Year 12 students as leaders :an exclusive approach, Helga Neidhart and Shane Lavery

Validation of an Instrument used to determine teacher's views of science in Secondary Schools in Queensland, Barbara Marguerite Odgers

mathematics in Indigenous Contexts :A case study, Joseph Robert Perry, Peter Howard, Kevin Lowe, Anthony McKnight, and Suzanne Ziems


Links between beliefs of pre-service teachers about literacy and numeracy learning, Anne Lia Scott

Loveletter, Jeannette Siebols

Loveletter, Jeannette Siebols

Song of the Earth, Jeannette Siebols

Song of the Earth, Jeannette Siebols

Tabula Rasa II, Jeannette Siebols

Tabula Rasa II, Jeannette Siebols


Framing leadership in Queensland Catholic schools, Veronica Gayle Spry and Patrick Augustine Duignan

Cooperative Learning and Objective-oriented Methods, Theda Thomas


Working with diverse students :Can lessons learnt in South Africa be applicable in Pan-Pacific region?, Theda Thomas

Automation: The Scientific Management of Clean Logic, Penelope Trotter


Global Perspectives on Quality in Online Higher Education :, Anthony Jeen Visser

Cantate Domino, Andrew Wailes

From the Beginning, Andrew Wailes

162 Lotus Flowers, Lachlan Phillip Warner

4 Buddha Rupas, Lachlan Phillip Warner

Buddha Rupa, Lachlan Phillip Warner

Puja for Safe Passage :Shrine for the 6 murders, Lachlan Phillip Warner

Shrine for the 6 murders, Lachlan Phillip Warner


Number Combinations and Arithmetic Structure :Implications for Early Algebra, Elizabeth Anne Warren

Young Children's Understanding of Equals :A Longitudinal Study, Elizabeth Anne Warren

Struggling to be Human, Greer White and Veronica Gayle Spry


Parent Partnerships in Primary Schools :An Emerging Model, Janelle Patricia You, g, and E. Warren


Predicting Patterns of Early Literacy Achievement :A Longitudinal Study, Janelle Patricia Young

The Politics of Rewriting History: New History Textbooks and Curriculum Materials in Russia, Joseph Zajda and Rea Zajda

Submissions from 2002

Technology Teacher Education :Is it Time to do a Maslow?, John Leslie Barlow

Rapt, Julie Bartholomew

Spin series, Julie Bartholomew

'But what about the learning?' :Does any learning take place in the Teaching learning Consortium?, Margaret Helen Beck

Promoting the professional growth of pre-service teachers through community-based learning, Carolyn Broadbent


Stop the bus I want to get off :Academics coping in a time of uncertainty, Carolyn Broadbent

Don't judge a book by its cover :uncovering the riches contained within discussion forum message postings, Gary Brown and James Martin Maguire

unfinished drawing projects, Peter Burgess

Creating a New Vision :Cross Cultursal Partnerships in the Field Another Problematic?, J. Harney Jude Butcher, Judith Parker, and Peter Harney


A tale that fiction would envy :Naturalistic inquiry methods in the Visual Arts, Judith Stephanie Carroll

Behind Appearances :The many faces of discipline based art education, Judith Stephanie Carroll

Local partnerships in the early childhood field :the importance of context, Sue Dockett, Joseph Robert Perry, and Peter Howard

Researching the field :An experience in Early childhood education, Sue Dockett, Joseph Robert Perry, and Peter Howard

Lifelong learning for teachers :rhetoric or reality?, Allan John Doring

Development and validation of the extended practicum learning environment inventory, Jeffrey Paul Dorman and Joy Kennedy

Agent Technologies in the Electronic Classroom :Some Pedagogical Issues, Carolyn Dowling

Choice and Responsibility: The Delegation of Decision Making to Intelligent Software Agents, Carolyn Dowling

Researching agent aechnologies in the electronic classroom, Carolyn Dowling

Software Agents and the 'Human Factor' in the Electronic Classroom, Carolyn Dowling

The Socially Interactive Pedagogical Agent Within Online Learning Communities, Carolyn Dowling

Building Theory in Leadership Through Electronic Networking, Patrick Augustine Duignan; Victoria Collins; Lynette Coulon Coulon; and Fagan, Michael Thomas

Innovation :the key to success, Louise Frances Duvernet

A Terrible Beauty: David Zindell and the Trans-human Condition, Andrew Graham Enstice

The University: Is it Finished?, Gaita, Raimond


The Church and Music Publication in Australia, Shirley Dianne Gome

The Female Artist as Icon of the Liberation of the Spirit, Michael Griffith

The internship as a model for field-based learning, Paul James Hansen

Justice and Education :Exploring a liasion officer's role - an example of mentoring, Peter Howard and Nicole Breeze

Grace: Meaning and Catholic Education, Anthony Kelly

Between Iran, Peter Hore and Australia, Alex Kershaw

Between Iran, Peter Hore and Australia, Alex Kershaw

Eating Mao Zedong, Alex Kershaw

Eating Mao Zedong, Alex Kershaw


Geodetic Monuments, Alex Kershaw

Untitled Monuments, Alex Kershaw


A question of balance :Using self and peer assessment effectively in teamwork, Joe Luca and Catherine McLoughlin

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. :The Role of the E-moderator in On-line Forums, James Martin Maguire and Gary Brown


Introduction to the Microfilm Edition, Carolyn Masel


Poet of comrades: Walt Whitman and the Bolton Whitman Fellowship, Carolyn Masel

'If you were a bear.' 6-year-olds negotiating 'reality' through drama, Lorraine McDonals


Researching quality :what does it mean for curriculum and assessment in e-learning environments?, Catherine McLoughlin

Bridge over troubled water :creating effective online support for the megacognitive aspects of problem solving, Catherine McLoughlin and Rowan Hollingworth

Enhancing the quality of the student experience online :Revising the imperative of learning as socially based, Catherine McLoughlin and Joe Luca


Keeping an anchor watch :Industry partnerships as a basis for learning, Catherine McLoughlin and Joe Luca

Great expectations :Can the quality of teaching and learning be improved through academic development programs?, Catherine McLoughlin and Curtis Samuels


Student difficulties in abstracting angle concepts from physical activities with concrete materials, Michael Mitchelmore, Anne Prescott, and Paul White


Education as encounter, John Ozolins

A systemic program for students who are experiencing difficulty with mathematics, Joseph Robert Perry and Peter Howard

Beliefs of primary teachers about mathematics and its teaching and learning, Joseph Robert Perry, Catherine Vistro-Yu, Peter Howard, Ngai-Ying Wong, and Fong Ho Keowg


The Vital Brush, Jeannette Siebols


But the children... : Indigenous child removal policies compared, Shurlee Swain

Egg Faced Girl, Penelope Trotter

How to Dance Like a 1950's Robot Teacher, Penelope Trotter


The Theatrics of Cloning: The recent paintings of Juan Ford, Penelope Trotter

Wizard of the Thunderdome, Penelope Trotter

Why swallow the silicon snake oil? :Mainstreaming online learning in teacher education, Anthony Jeen Visser and James Arthur Woolford