The Faculty of Education and Arts brings together the National School of Education’s strong reputation in teacher education, leadership and religious education with the vibrant arts, humanities and social science programs of the National School of Arts.


Submissions from 2008


Exploring the Narrative Art of David Weisner: Using a Grammar of Visual Design and Learning Experiences on the World Wide Web, Leonard Charles Unsworth and Isable Ortigas


Learning while teaching: A collaborative GCTE, D.E. Vale and Yoni Ryan

Transforming the technology and modalities of learning biology for senior high schools students in NSW: A report of work in Progress, Wilhelmina Sabina Van Rooy, Kim Nichols, Peter Freebody, and John Hedberg

Heritability of antisocial behaviour at 9: Do callous-unemotional traits matter?, Essi Viding, Alice P. Jones, Paul Joseph Frick, and T. E. Moffitt

Couching silence, Belinda Von Mengersen

Couching silence, Belinda von Mengersen

In the presence of silence: Cloth and art, conference paper presentation, Belinda Von Mengersen


Indigenous students' early engagement with numeracy :The case of Widgy and Caddy, Eva de Vries, Janelle Patricia Young, and Elizabeth Anne Warren

Patterns that support early algebraic thinking in the elementary school, Elizabeth Anne Warren and Tom Cooper


The role of oral language in assisting young Australian Indigenous students' numeracy outcomes, Elizabeth Anne Warren, Janelle Patricia Young, and Eva de Vries


In Pursuit of Excellence: A Policy Driven Systemic Initiative to Embed Gifted Education, James Watters and Carmel Diezmann


Text Structure Instruction and Metacognition: Supporting Early Childhood Student Teachers in their Academic Work, Ali Wegner

The subversion of identity: Luce Irigaray and the critique of phallogocentrism, Allison Weir

From Vice to Homosexuality: Policing Perversion in the 1950s, Graham Willett


Collaboration and systems of support for vulnerable children and their families: improving the interface between primary, secondary and tertiary interventions, Gail Winkworth and Morag Mcarthur


Fractions as a measure, Monica Wong and David Evans

An investigation into the equity and efficiency of Australia's higher education system, Sarah Jean Wright

Evaluation of the 2008 trial of the QCAT school-devised assessment model, Claire Wyatt-Smith and Peta Colbert

Designing professional learning for effecting change: Partnerships for local and system networks, Claire Maree Wyatt-Smith, S. Bridges, M. Hedemann, and M. Neville

Multimodal reading and comprehension in online environments, Claire Maree Wyatt-Smith and John Elkins

Rethinking learning in early childhood education, Nicola Yelland, Libby Lee, Maureen O'Rourke, and Cathie Harrison

Indigenous Students' Numeracy learning :The Role of Oral Language, Janelle Patricia Young, Eva DeVries, and E. Warren

Current problems and challenges concerning students with special needs, Elena Yurhenko, George Malaty, Ann Ahlberg, Jens Holger Lorenz, and Ann Maree Gervasoni


Globalisation, comparative education and policy research: Equity and access issues, Joseph Zajda

Preface, Joseph Zajda

Best books for boys: A resource for educators, Matthew Zbaracki

Western and Islamic concepts of the rule of law, Spencer Michael Zifcak

Whither defunct federalisms, Magdalena Zolkos

Submissions from 2007

Leadership in catholic education in Australia, Anthony ad'Arbon


Pesantren and Madrasa: Muslim Schools and National Ideals in Indonesia, Dina Afrianty, Robert Hefner, and Azyumardi Azra


Nissan's Keiretsu 1956-1970, Evelyn Leung Anderson

Introduction, David Aspin


Lifelong learning: Concepts and conceptions, David N. Aspin and Judith D. Chapman

Are you a man or a mouse mat?, Catherine Elizabeth Bell

Are you a man or a mouse mat?, Catherine Elizabeth Bell

Leaders Transforming Learning and Learners :Messages for Catholic Leaders, Michael Bezzina, Patrick Augustine Duignan, and Charles Burford

Using ICT to connect rural and regional communities in Australia, Josephine Brady, Maureen Boyle, and Carolyn Broadbent

The academic mentor :A new vision of secondary pre-service teacher education in Canberra, Josephine Brady and Carolyn Broadbent

Improving leadership by nurturing moral consciousness through structured self-reflection, Christopher Michael Branson

Prospect or promise Internationalisation in Australia, Susan M. Bridges and Brendan John Bartlett

Building social capital within the Indigenous community, Carolyn Broadbent, Maureen Boyle, and Josephine Brady

An engaged university :Unlocking leadership potential in schools to support children with special needs, Carolyn Broadbent and Jillian Elizabeth Burgess


Early notions of functions in a technology-rich teaching and learning environment (TRTLE), Jill Patricia Brown

Object and idea, Peter Burgess

Object and idea, Peter Burgess

xt et, Peter Burgess

Addressing challenges and making a difference /$cprofessor Jude butcher, Dr Lorraine McDonald., Jude Butcher and Lorraine MacDonald

Addressing challenges and making a difference, Jude Butcher and Lorraine McDonald

Resistance, Reinvention and Reform :Lessons about curriculum change and teachers' work, Kay Carroll


Science education and contemporary times: Finding our way through the challenges, Lynette Carter

Great expectations unfulfilled. What's wrong in Aboriginal studies?, Patrick Cavanagh

Crying out for Leadership :the role of the Catholic System in Aboriginal Education, Patrick Cavanagh and Sharon Cooke

Crying out for leadership: The role of the Catholic system in Aboriginal education, Patrick Cavanagh and Sharon Cooke


Knowledge creation processes of students as producers of audio learning objects, Anthony Chan, Mark Lee, and Catherine McLoughlin

Student action teams, values education and quality teaching and learning, Judith Dorothy Chapman, Sue Cahill, and Roger Holdsworth


Clusters and learning networks: A strategy for reform in values education, Judith Chapman, Ron Toomey, Sue Cahill, Maryanne Davis, and Janet Gaff

Ten key principles from research for the professional development of mathematics teachers, Douglas McLean Clarke

Making Connections Science and Mathematics :The MC SAM Project, Douglas McLean Clarke, Geoff Hilton, Tony Wright, and Shelley Dole


Year Six Fraction Understanding :A Part of the Whole Story, Douglas McLean Clarke, Annie Mitchell, and Anne Roche

Teachers' self-assessment of subject matter knowledge, Julie Margaret Clark

Lessons in Languages from Mathematics classrooms in Australia, Philip Clarkson

The place of subjectivity in planning evaluation, assessment and testing, Philip C. Clarkson

Virtual Teaching :A Case Study, Teresa Ita Clinton

Assessment as judgment-in-context: Analysing how teachers evaluate students' writing, R. W. Cooksey, P. Freebody, and Claire Wyatt-Smith


The effect of different representations on Years 3 to 5 students’ ability to generalise, Tom J. Cooper and Elizabeth A. Warren


Hymns of Glory: Program for Good Friday, Geoffrey Cox

Plainsong new (90 psalms with multiple antiphons), Geoffrey A. Cox

Plainsong New (90 Psalms with multiple Antiphons), Geoffrey A. Cox

Sexualities, genders, bodies and sport: Changing practices of inequity, Kevin Davison and Blye W. Frank


Modelling the use of a collaborative authoring system as a cognitive tool for students' reflective thinking, Christine Dennis

At mass with young children, Daniel Donovan


A Blackboard Infusion :Strengthening the teaching experience for pre service teachers in the field, Anne Olivia Drabble

Connecting: Teenage boys, spirituality and religious education, Kath Engebretson

The researching of art in hospitals: Social science, aesthetic theory in Australian medical contexts, Lindsay Thomas Farrell

Masculinities and schooling: International practices and perspectives, Blye W. Frank and Kevin Davison


Journeys through a research landscape :Lessons in multi-partner research, John Frawley, Anthony d'Arbon, and Lyn Fasoli

Romulus, my father: From book to screenplay to film, Raimond Gaita

Facilitating middle secondary modelling competencies, Peter Galbraith, Gloria Stillman, Jill Patricia Brown, and I Edwards

Secrets of scholarly publishing in international journals, David Gamage and Joseph Zajda

Sustaining language / existing threats: Resistance and rhetoric in Australian refugee discourses, Suzanne Gannon and Sue Saltmarsh

The implications of Web 2 for creating engaging e-assessment tasks, Ruth Geer and Catherine McLoughlin


Children's number knowledge in the early years of schooling, Ann Maree Gervasoni


Broadening approaches to religious education through constructivist pedagogy, Peta Goldburg


Study of religion: Now essential for the development of religious education in Catholic schools, Peta Goldburg

Techniques for Monitoring the Comparability of Examination Standards, Harvey Goldstein


School community leadership: The perspective of primary school principal, John Graham and Gayle Spry

Leading the catholic school as community :the voice of the principal, John Graham and Veronica Gayle Spry

Developing sacramental education through children's literature, Janice Pauline Grajczonek

Early childhood religious education :Realities and challenges for Catholic school leaders, Janice Pauline Grajczonek

Teaching the gospels using process drama, Janice Pauline Grajczonek

Revealing the early years religion program through classroom interaction, Janice Pauline Grajczonek and Helena Austin

An inspired tradition: Religious education in Catholic primary schools today, Janice Pauline Grajczonek and Maurice James Ryan


Inclusion of students who are not Catholics in Catholic schools: Policy, practices and problems, Janice Pauline Grajczonek, Maurice James Ryan, and Michael Chambers

The Australian labour movement and working mothers in the United Nation's Decade for Women, 1975-1985, Patricia Grimshaw, Nell Musgrove, and Shurlee Lesley Swain

Benefits of children as mentors to teachers in Australia :ICT, teachers & children, Donna Therese Gronn

Teaching and learning in the early years' religion class, Pamela Anne Hanifin and Janice Pauline Grajczonek


Shared communication during the professional experience program :A distributed leadership perspective, David Evan Harris, Anne Olivia Drabble, and Pamela Anne Hanifin

Varieties of poetic sequence: Ted Hughes and Geoffrey Hill, Kevin Hart

The use of a new mathematics text book scheme :support or impediment, Ann Heirdsfield, Shelley Dole, and Elizabeth Anne Warren


A Blessing, Roger Hillman