The Faculty of Education and Arts brings together the National School of Education’s strong reputation in teacher education, leadership and religious education with the vibrant arts, humanities and social science programs of the National School of Arts.


Submissions from 2009

Assisting beginning teachers and school communities to grow through extended and collaborative mentoring experiences, Janette Long

Integrating professional teaching standards with teachers' professional learning, Janette Long

Insights into exploring scripture in the primary classroom: An evaluation of a religious education initiative, Janette Adele Long, Marea Anne Nicholson, Jenny Langford, and Maureen Hemmings

Evaluating broad based professional learning: A case study of a school system's implementation of quality teaching pedagogies, Janette Long, Elizabeth Labone, and Marea Nicholson

Literacy pedagogical content knowledge in secondary teach education: Reflecting on oral language and learning across the disciplines, Kristina Love


Quality Management; and the web-enhanced learning space :report from an on-going case study, Mary Jane Mahony, Ann Applebee, Stephen Sheely, Beatrice Johnson, Alison Blair, and Paul Williams

What is within becomes what is around: Imagination, Innovation, Creativity, Jacqueline Manuel, Paul Brock, Wayne Sawyer, and Donald John Carter

Children as art critics: Mapping a continuum of aesthetic learning in visual arts education, Karen Maras

Valuing the minds of the young :The emergence of young children's aesthetic understanding of pictures in art, Karen Elizabeth Maras

Narratives for learning: Sharing giftedness through learning stories, Valerie Margrain

Parents of gifted preschoolers: Responsive advocates, Valerie Margrain

"ka pai - well done": Student teacher perceptions of assessment feedback in distance learning, Valerie Gail Margrain, Liz Everiss, Trish Murphy, Angela Edlin, Jenny McClew, and Anne Meade

Restorative practice: Applying confucianism to build a better mousetrap, Joyce Martin and Jackie Elliot

Cointegration between oil spot and future prices of the same and different grades in the presence of structural change, Svetlana Maslyuk and Russell Smyth

Non-linear unit root properties of crude oil production, Svetlana Maslyuk and Russell Smyth

When push comes to shove: What was the othismos of hoplite combat?, Chris Matthew


Scaffolding students' thinking in mathematical investigations, Natalie T. McCosker and Carmel Mary Diezmann

The Political Ministry of Women :An Australian Perspective, Sophie McGrath

Cinematic visions of dying, Frances McInerney


Maskîl and Fugue on B, Timothy McKenry


Stroien, Timothy McKenry

Stroien: For two pianos, Timothy McKenry

Stroien: For two pianos, Timothy McKenry

Music theory pedagogy :towards an inclusive functional understanding of recently-composed tonal music, Timothy John McKenry

Variations on Lawes' Psalm, Timothy John McKenry

Technology as a doorway to literacy in the early years of education :access, equity and quality in literacy education, Karen McLean

Online is not always a safe space :Student perceptions of how and why cyberbullying occurs, Catherine McLoughlin and Jillian Elizabeth Burgess


Personalised Learning Spaces and Self-Regulated Learning :Global examples of Effective Pedagogy, Catherine McLoughlin and Mark J.W. Lee

Bullies in cyberspace :How rural and regional Australian youth perceive the problem of cyberbullying and its impact, Catherine McLoughlin, Ramona Meyricke, and Jillian Elizabeth Burgess

Children of the deaf: The challenge of expressing spirituality in western society, Paul McQuillan

Youth Ministry in a Changing World: The International Research Project on Youth Spirituality, Paul McQuillan

Gender stereotypes, class prejudice and female warriors in the depiction of women in year 6 Greek primary school history textbooks (1970-1983 and 1997-2006), Stilianos Meselidis


Multiliteracies: interrogating competing discourses [accepted manuscripts], Kathy Mills


Floating on a sea of talk: reading comprehension through speaking and listening [accepted manuscript], Kathy Ann Mills

Complexity in the relationships among the subdimensions of extraversion and job performance in managerial occupations, Amirali Minbashian, James E. H. Bright, and Kevin Bird

There are more than part-whole strategies at work in understanding non-equal-parts fraction-area-models, Annie Mitchell and Marjorie Horne


Attendance, achievement and participation: Young carers' experiences of school in Australia, Timothy Peter Moore, Morag McArthur, and R. Morrow


Reworking the tailings: New gold histories and the cultural Landscape, Ben Mountford and Keir Reeves

An Approach to Student-Lecturer Collaboration in the Design of Assessment Criteria and Standards Schemes, Judith Anne Mulholland, Vince Geiger, Janeen Therese Lamb, and Rachael Frances Jacobs

Spiritual leadership in Australian schools: Can it enhance school leadership today?, Helga Neidhart and Paul Clement Carlin


Exploring the linkage between reforms and learning in the Asia-Pacific region: An Activity Theory perspective, Chi-hung (Clarence) Ng


Learning for achievement as a collective goal in re-culturing learning and teaching in Hong Kong classrooms, Chi-hung (Clarence) Ng

Profiling learners' achievement goals when completing academic essays, Chi-hung (Clarence) Ng

Reforming learning in the Asia-pacific region: An Introduction, Chi-hung (Clarence) Ng

Dealing difference: The secret of the secret life of us, Maggie Nolan

Mistaking multiculturalism: Culotta, Demidenko and Khouri, Maggie Nolan

Who's a weird mob? Imagining assimilation in postwar Australia, Marguerite Rose Nolan

Future directions in researching professional learning in early childhood settings, Joce Nutall and Susan Edwards

Structure, agency, and artefacts: Mediating professional learning in early childhood education, Jocelyn Grace Nuttall, Lisa Coxon, and Sarah Read

Metaphors for wellbeing: Enhancing students' learning and teaching perceptions within a pre-service education course, Mary Nuttall

Incorporating education for sustainability into a pre-service elementary school teachers' program, Barbara Odgers

Indigenous Australian elementary pre-service teachers and their motivation towards learning western science, Barbara Odgers

Societal expectations and tolerating interpersonal difference as factors within the differentiation of self, Denis John O'Hara

The relationship between the discourse knowledge and the writing performance of elementary-grade students, Natalie G. Olinghouse and Steve Graham

Guerra justa. Soberania y guerra justa, John Talivaldis Ozolins

La etica en un mundo de globalizado, John Talivaldis Ozolins

Philosophy of Education and its place in the Academy, John Talivaldis Ozolins

An examination of differential item functioning on the Vanderbilt assessment of leadership in education, Morgan S. Polikoff, Henry May, Andrew C. Porter, Stephen Elliott, Ellen B. Goldring, and Joseph Murphy

The virtues of upper houses, Scott Prasser

A study in black and white: The Aborigines in Australian history, Malcolm David MacKenzie Prentis

Game as a career metaphor: A chaos theory career counselling application, Robert Pryor and James E. H. Bright


Good hope in chaos: Beyond matching to complexity in career development, Robert Pryor and James E. H. Bright


Benchmarking across universities :A framework for LMS analysis, Lynnae Rankine, Leigh Stevenson, Janne Malfroy, and Kevin Ashford-Rowe

Parveen and the Big Mac, Nadana Reddy and Jennifer Rose Couch

Associations between a one-shot delay discounting measure and age, income, education and real-world impulsive behavior, Stian Reimers, Elizabeth Ann Maylor, Neil Stewart, and Nick Chater

Elvis rants away, Elvis Richardson

Elvis rants away, Elvis Richardson


Housed, Elvis Richardson

Slide show land, Elvis Richardson

Slide show land, tomorrow, yesterday, the end, Elvis Richardson

The memorial, Elvis Richardson

The memorial, Elvis Richardson


Building positive research relationships with young children, Rosemary Doris Richards

Jake just does scribbles but I do pictures: Drawing self-efficacy and the messages four-to nine-year-old children give and receive about their drawing, Rosemary Doris Richards

Young visual ethnographers: Children's use of digital photography to record, share and extend their art experiences, Rosemary Doris Richards

An adult attachment perspective on the student-teacher relationship & classroom management difficulties, Phil Riley

The development and testing of a time-limited mentoring model for experienced school leaders, Phil Riley

Education students and their teachers: Comparing views on participative assessment practices, Philip John Riley, Christine Brew, and Caroline Walta


Teacher misbehaviour, Philip Riley and Ramon Lewis

Black skins, black work: Race and labour in world war ii Papua and new guinea, Noah Jed Riseman


Forgetting and (Re)membering Indigenous Soldiers :Yolngu and Navajo Veterans of World War II, Noah Jed Riseman

Constructing an academic community ethos: Challenging culture and managing change, Chris Robertson, Alison Robins, and Robyn Cox


Holocaust education and religious education in Australian Catholic schools, Maurice Ryan

Exploring the role of social software in higher education, Yoni Ryan and Robert Fitzgerald

Becoming economic subjects: Agency, consumption and popular culture in early childhood, Sue Saltmarsh

'Depend on, rely on, count on': Economic subjectivities aboard the polar express, Sue Saltmarsh

Haunting concepts in social research, Sue Saltmarsh

Researching context as a "practiced place", Sue Saltmarsh

Writing politically: Reflections on the writing of politics and the politics of writing, Sue Saltmarsh


Starting Life Anew: Resettlement Challenges of Salvadorian Refugees in Melbourne, Beatriz Santos and Ruth Webber

Either or neither, but not both: locating the effects of masked primes, Friederike Schlaghecken, Stuart T. Klapp, and Elizabeth Ann Maylor

Digital literacy and using online discussions: Reflections from teaching large cohorts in teacher education, Anne Lia Scott and Josephine Mary Ryan

Some relationships between eye movements and handwriting movements, J. Sebastian, Jodi Christine Sita, and D. Rogers

Knowledge economy: Policy discourse and cultural resource, Teresa Seddon

New Learning Spaces in TVET: The Contribution of Social Partnerships, Teresa Lynne Seddon, Kathleen Fennessy, and Kathleen Ferguson

Learning spaces in educational partnerships, Teresa Lynne Seddon and Kathleen Ferguson

Teachers' work, power and authority, Teresa Seddon and Phoebe Madeleine Palmieri

The productivity challenge in Australia: The case for professional renewal in vet teaching, Terri Seddon

Using a concept cartoon to gain insight into children's calculation strategies, Matthew Sexton, Ann Gervasoni, and Robyn Brandenburg


Using a concept cartoon to gain insight into children's calculation strategies, Matthew Ross Sexton, Ann Maree Gervasoni, and Robyn Brandenburg