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[Extract] As Geoff Whitty himself acknowledged, as director of the Institute of Education (IOE) (2000–10) he was pulled to some extent away from his disciplinary focus of the sociology of education towards more policy issues, pragmatically in his work as director and also in his research work. Yet he continued to argue the significance of the sociology of education: for understanding the contexts of education policy and for creating more socially just schools and schooling systems, and in the mission of the IOE to teachers and to the broader fields of education, as both a domain of research and of practice. His books Making Sense of Policy (Whitty 2002) and Research and Policy in Education (Whitty 2016a) sit firmly within what has been called ‘policy sociology in education’ (Ozga 1987).1 It is Geoff Whitty’s work in this domain that will be the focus of this chapter.


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