Learning for work and professional development: The significance of informal learning networks of digital media industry professionals

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Informal learning networks play a key role in the skill and professional development of professionals, working in micro-businesses within Australia’s digital media industry, as they do not have access to learning and development or human resources sections that can assist in mapping their learning pathway. Professionals working in this environment would need to adopt an informal learning approach to their skill and professional development by utilising their social and business networks. The paper describes the theme of this research and how it aligns with previous research and other relevant studies. It presents relevant theories and perspectives of informal learning and the role of social learning. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with digital media professionals to understand how they manage their ongoing skill and professional development, and to explore what role informal learning networks play in their development. Through the interviews the study found these professionals utilised a mixture of online technologies and face-to-face engagement in communities of practice in order maintain their industry currency.

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