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The importance of effective feedback for learning is widely recognised. However, much of the previous research on assessment feedback has paid limited attention to the nature of feedback interactions, and teacher and student perspectives. Innovations in technology have opened up possibilities to capture such interactions for research and professional development purposes. This study investigated the feasibility and value of using easily accessible equipment for practitioner use and research purposes. Specifically, the study focussed on use of a GoPro camera and an Apple iPad in capturing one-to-one teacher-student feedback interactions, and subsequent individual video-stimulated recall (VSR) for self-reflection. Six teacher-student pairs in three Australian secondary schools participated in the research. Evidence collected included technical data and characteristics of the devices, teacher and student experiences, and researchers’ experiences and reflections. While the iPad and GoPro were both useful for capturing interactions, the iPad was more useful and practicable for VSR interviews. Findings suggest that such technology has potential for use by teachers and students to improve reflection and feedback interaction, and thus to enhance student learning. The researchers identified several technical issues that occurred in a range of settings and make suggestions to overcome these issues.


Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education

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