Intercultural leadership: Strengthening leadership capabilities for indigenous education

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In this chapter the authors explore a range of issues pertinent to Indigenous leadership in education. They argue that to support Indigenous people to establish solid educational foundations which will allow them to engage in quality employment and life experiences will require a different approach, one in which leadership and education are considered within an intercultural context. Although the authors point out that there has been little formal research in Australia on intercultural leadership in education, they put forward an educational ideology based on the concept of 'both ways'. This concept is seen as interchangeable with multiculturalism in that both are concerned with the intersection and linking of cultural worlds, the space in which the overlap occurs, and the leadership and teaching and learning that takes place within this space. Some of the competencies seen as necessary to operate with success in such a space are cultural self-awareness, awareness and acceptance of difference, knowledge of and skill in using different communication and learning styles, and skills to implement various pedagogies and curriculum to reflect the cultural diversity of students.

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