Principles and guidelines for creating a digital school

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The shift to a digital operational mode offers schools immense opportunities to provide students with a quality education for the 21st century. By 'going digital', schooling takes on different forms to what we have known to this point in the history of education. It is an exciting time to be an educational leader, and it is also time for acumen; for taking a fresh look at the working of schools; for envisioning new possibilities; and assessing and developing one's and others' capabilities to bring those possibilities to fruition. In this chapter, the authors overview the principles and factors to be addressed in developing a digital school, and provide guidelines to assist teachers and principals in their own situations. The authors' aim is to encourage educators to move from reflection on the ideas that have been presented by the various contributors in this book to action; from consideration of the theories and concepts of digital schooling to the strategies and practices that will bring those elements to life in real school settings with real teachers and students.


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