Cornerstones of Catholic secondary religious education: Principles and practice of the new evangelization

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Secondary religious education is perhaps the most challenging, complex and skilled area of the curriculum, a fact that is more than ever true today as young people define in their own ways what it means to be religious. Pope John Paul II's call for a new evangelisation articulated a response to the question that is at the foundation of secondary religious education in the Catholic school, the question of "What does it mean for the Catholic young person to be religiously educated today?" Drawing on the research of four academics, this book sets out the foundations of Catholic secondary religious education, distilling from John Paul II's exhortation the principles and practice of new evangelisation today for Catholic secondary schools. Because the quality of religious education in schools is dependent on the quality of the teacher, and indeed on the quality of the teacher's content and pedagogical knowledge, this book also provides an introduction to some key theological topics to guide the teacher's reading and study


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