Leadership for an age of wisdom

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Today’s leaders in academia and industry are under more pressure than ever before. Their roles are so complex and demanding that it is impossible to fulfil them by applying current leadership theory alone. Christopher Branson argues in this compelling book that we need a sea change in leadership theory and practice that will see ‘wisdom’ guiding the actions of those who lead.
This book provides a clear, comprehensive, and compelling description of the nature, characteristics, and prerequisites of leadership that is wisdom led. It not only includes a detailed description of what is meant by wisdom-led leadership but it also describes how wisdom-led leadership can be developed based on current research data. In other words, practical ways to promote wisdom-led leadership are described. In addition, a metaphysical rationale for wisdom-led leadership is provided along with a detailed analysis of how this form of leadership can better prepare the leader to attend confidently and capably to their relational and organisational development demands, which are pivotal to their success. Finally, the fundamentally important and influential external issues of performance management, vision, goals, and accountability are discussed at length with respect to their potentially detrimental impact on the achievement of wisdom-led leadership. Embracing wisdom-led leadership does not mean that we have to forgo what performance management, vision, goals, and accountability procedures seek to achieve. It just means that these desired outcomes need to be achieved differently.


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