Reasons for living: Education and young people's search for meaning, identity and spirituality. A handbook

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Reasons for Living begins by exploring the development and psychological function of meaning, identity and spirituality in the lives of young people. This exploration can contribute significantly to the professional background of those engaged in the education and care of youth in various contexts. The book then focuses on what it means to educate young people in meaning, identity and spirituality. Implications are considered for three school contexts: the spiritual and moral dimension to the general curriculum in public and independent schools; religious education in religious schools; and state-based Religion Studies courses. Reasons for Living makes a much needed contribution to the philosophy of education by discussing the links between education and young people's spiritual and moral development. It also provides new insights and approaches to values education and religious education. Areas of fundamental importance in Australian education have long been held back not only by the gap between theory and practice, but also by the very complexities of young people's personal development in contemporary Western Culture. Reasons for Living offers a constructive and practical way forward.


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