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Researchers have been concerned about the deterioration of artistic creativity among children during primary schooling. While modern technologies offer considerable potential to address this issue, they have thus far been inadequate for providing the necessary foundation to nurture and enhance the artistic expression skills of students. This study assessed the effect of a tablet application (app) called “PresentAsian” designed with the unique ability to record the illustration drawing process including any manipulations in stroke parameters in addition to providing educational tutorials. An experimental study was conducted to compare the artistic expression and originality between students learning with reflection support and learning with direct teaching in replication. Students learning with reflection support demonstrated significantly higher scores not only in four skill subcomponents—brushwork diversity, brushwork fluency, wet/dry contrast and replication similarity—and overall replication skill, but also in the originality of brushwork. Using this tablet app for continuous analysis, synthesis and practice will allow students to acquire creative illustration skills. This study provides evidence that the continued development of creative modern technologies and apps utilizing these technologies in modern-day classrooms will cultivate and enrich the artistic expression skills of children.


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