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The purpose of the study was to explore undergraduate students’ views about environmental futures that are preferred or desirable for them, and to further examine relationships between specific future-related views and general environmental attitudes. 96 students from one reputable public university in Taiwan participated in a survey that included a draw-and-explain task and a questionnaire. The analysis of students’ drawings and annotations revealed a number of topics that characterised their preferred environmental futures; green technology and elements of natural environment were the most prominent topics. Correlations revealed that (1) students who believe that their preferred environmental futures will happen tend to hold a positive view about techno-science as an influencing factor; (2) students who are more positive about techno-science tend to be less concerned about the environment. These findings re-emphasise the need for environmental and science teaching to integrate a critical futures perspective that aims to help students move away from technological fatalism and simply adjusting to the future towards a deeper understanding of sustainable futures and a sense of empowerment.


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