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Despite recognition that a greater understanding of men who buy sex in illicit street sex markets is required for a holistic view of street sex work, research focused on this group remains scarce. The authors of this article recognize buyers of illicit sex as key players in the socio-spatial construction of street sex markets, and consider their inclusion in research vital to a holistic understanding of a street sex market. The article discusses key findings from interviews conducted with nine men who buy sex from female street sex workers as part of a broader ethnography of street sex work in Dandenong, Victoria. Observations provide insight into the nature of these men’s connection to the women they buy sex from, their perceptions of their use of commercial sex, and their preference for buying sex in this street sex market instead of other types of commercial sex. These observations contribute to our understanding of the value of the sexual capital clients attach to this street sex market and the sex they buy within it.


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