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It is the argument of this chapter that Muslims and Catholics are natural partners in the work of justice and peace. This partnership comes from their mutual respect for each other’s religions and the recognition of salvific aspects of each religion that allow them to mutually identify commonalities in beliefs and values. It also comes from the common ground of the belief they share in the unity of God and in his attributes of mercy, compassion and forgiveness. Finally it comes from the example of Muhammad and Jesus themselves, who advocated and practised peace, and from the Holy Books that guide the lives of Muslims and Christians. This chapter first establishes that the Catholic Church holds Islam in esteem as a religion that mediates salvation to its people. It then identifies a common platform of belief which puts Muslims and Catholics together in a world where the work for justice and peace is paramount. Then it identifies four particular areas – human dignity, freedom of religion and conscience, the drive to eradicate poverty and the search for peace – in which Muslims and Catholics are natural collaborators.


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