Land and home: An ethnodrama of undergraduate teachers [video file 3 of 3]

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ACU Ethnodrama Undergraduate Pre-service teachers. As part of IDEA Land and Home Project these pre-service teachers explored what education had been to them and what it means to teach into the future. The future environment that the next generation inherit is not the best that we could leave behind. Participants look for answers in their teaching. They explore the method of Drama as an embodied teaching and learning method for such information. The ethnodrama produced by the participants and Gillian Schroeter (Lecturer in Education and Art) is a collection of stories layered in a world that each participant described as their own. Responses came in regards to the participants educational experiences, their environmental awareness of the areas in which they live and the incredible dedication they promise for their future students.

This is video 3 of 3 containing the ethnodrama.

File 1: Children's environmental concerns

File 2: Land and Home - La Mama advertisement

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