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Over the last decade, my research has been led by practice, film and video installation production (Barrett & Bolt: 2014). This medium has been used to explore ways of revisioning memories to elicit personal remembering and storytelling in the viewer. Much of this research has concentrated on the role of found home movies with particular emphasis on the medium of Super 8 film. Such images, my research indicates have lost much of the personal and emotive qualities that they once had and by rescreening and reusing them I aim to regain their emotional value.

Informing this work are several conceptual and technical research questions:

  • How does a filmmaker revision memories that will elicit memory and storytelling in the viewer?
  • What role does the reworking of found Super 8 home movies play in this revisioning?
  • What role does the creation and experience of aura play in helping to promote memory recall?
  • What role does the remixing and reworking of found Super 8 footage play in offering an auratic experience for the viewer?

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