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To change our future we have to change the way our society educates children. Our modern system of education is mainly interested in formatting children to serve growth, consumption and competition. Over the years, the person has been erased to become a function to nourish blinded consumerism. This way of thinking and doing has participated in creating complex unsustainability in all spheres of our society governed by the power of profit. This being said, changing educational systems would take too long and the need for a viable future cannot wait. In this article, I demonstrate that a solution lies in the way teachers could approach their class in order to initiate a transformation from inside the existing system. The content of what they teach stays the same, but adopting a Transdisciplinary Attitude, teachers switch priority in order to exercise and extend their Duty of Care: care for individuals, communities and human species among other species. Doing so, it becomes possible to prioritise student’s quality of being while disciplines taught become instruments to help the child flourish, not the opposite. Then, a powerful peaceful insurrection of consciousness begins.

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